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Final 2017 Power Rankings

Rank Team Record Comment
1 (1)Mallards9-4Probably considered the favorite for the title by some. Will have a shot but either Beans or White Guys could take them down. Might have an even better team next year with Carson back and having two first round picks.
2 (3)Eaters8-5Will be a shock if they don't make it back to the Super Bowl. Neither Merry Men or Refugees will put up much of a fight. This off season would be a good time to start looking for Rivers successor.
3 (5)White Guys9-4Really needed that big game week 13. Perhaps it wakes up this team from the slumber they've been in for two months. They should be able to be able to land their future starting QB late in the first round next year.
4 (4)Beans8-5Hottest team entering the playoffs. I think they are going to win it all. Imagine if they had taken Gurley over Mariota. That would be a scary team.
5 (7)Refugees9-3-1Dodge a major bullet with Gronk suspension happening while they are on BYE. I can't figure out if this team is built for the long haul or just overachieved this year.
6 (2)Dragons6-6-1With Rodgers returning next year I would expect these guys to auction off Matt Ryan to the highest bidder to rebuild their RB group.
7 (6)Merry Men7-5-1Doesn't look good this week with Stafford injured and Big Ben playing the Ravens. Got as much as they possibly could from the roster but the season will likely end week 14. They will likely be better next year as some of the young guys get another year under their belts.
8 (8)Boys6-7Winter To Do List: 1. Trade for Jimmy G. 2. Sign Robby Anderson long term. 3. Trade Jay Ajayi if he closes out the season with a few big games. 4. Take Eifert to Europe for some undisclosed medical treatments.
9 (10)Chickens6-6-1Would really like to know if Elliot doesn't get suspended if they would have won the division.
10 (11)Orangutangs6-7Armed with Kamara and the #7 pick in the draft, this team terrifies me for next year.
11 (9)Poop6-7Did well to win six games. Need to surround Brady with more play makers.
12 (12)Huskers4-9Coming back next year with David Johnson and a top three pick should cure everything that ails them.
13 (14)Thugs5-8Everyone is banking on Luck coming back and being himself next year but I don't think the Thugs can take that for granted. I'm not sure if he'll ever be the same.
14 (16)Buddies5-8Mike has a white board next to Dennis and Meatball's bowls that counts down the days till Watson takes the field again.
15 (13)Llamas4-9Gibby is so sick of this years Llamas that he has walked away from the Stupor Bowl playoffs, letting Kevin take the controls for this month (who are we kidding, Kevin never took his hands off the controls).
16 (15)Brothers4-9We wish the Brothers better health in the New Year.