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Power Rankings - Week 7, 2017

Rank Team Record Comment
1 (1)White Guys6-0Weekly scoring has been trending down, but looking at their schedule I now think they can get to 11 wins.
2 (2)Refugees6-0Also have a great shot at 11 wins and have been consistently putting up big weeks. I still think they are being a bit too complacent by sticking with Siemian.
3 (5)Mallards3-3Carson Wentz's 94 points through the first 6 games have pushed Ryan right off the roster. His reckless style of play does make him a big injury risk. This team should get on a nice roll.
4 (3)Boys3-3No shame in losing to the Refugees. Should be able to get back on track versus the Merry Men this week.
5 (7)Merry Men5-15-1 start is great but entering a brutal 6 game stretch. Boys, Refugees, Bear, Dragons, Eaters, Buddies before finishing up with the Thugs. Likely need to win 3 of these games to make playoffs.
6 (8)Buddies3-3With the way the RBs and Watson are playing I think it might be time for them to go all in and get a WR and become a full fledged title contender.
7 (6)Eaters2-4Finally broke that 4 game losing streak. Not much room left for error this season.
8 (4)Dragons2-3-1Matt Ryan is not going to replace Aaron Rodgers by any means, though the Falcons do have the NFL's easiest remaining schedule. Perhaps Ryan gets traded again if the Dragons drop a couple more games before the deadline.
9 (13)Beans3-3The best part of the homepage gif this week is Bobby having no idea Mike called him out.
10 (11)Chickens2-3-1Haven't won since week 2 and Nick hasn't texted me in weeks. I hope he is ok. Also these Nicks picks are getting so brief I'm ready any week for each one to be less than a full sentence.
11 (10)Llamas3-3Amari Coopers yardage totals so far this season. 62, 33, 6, 9, 8, 28.........
12 (9)Poop2-42-0 when Brady has 3+ TDs. 0-3 when Brady has 2 or fewer.
13 (12)Huskers2-4It was decided you can just cut Joe Flacco Kevin, and we weren't sure anyone would claim him on waivers.
14 (16)Brothers2-4Thanks to Palmer they were able to knock off the Thugs despite starting Beckham who broke his ankle a week earlier. Palmer to the Refugees?
15 (14)Orangutangs1-5Schedule isn't easing up but Dak should be able to keep them from losing 10 games.
16 (15)Thugs2-4Staying well ahead of the the points scored pace for worst team in modern scoring era, but a few more weeks like last week and we will have to put them back on the watch list.