EatersAE 0
BeansMHB 0
Merry MenLMM 0
White GuysWG 0
BuddiesBuB 0
HuskersUH 0
ThugsMT 0
BoysBB 0
RefugeesCR 0
MallardsFM 0
OrangutangsAO 0
ChickensCC 0
PoopBP 0
DragonsSD 0
LlamasHL 0
BrothersMB 0

Beasts of the East

After an 0-2 start, the Llamas have come roaring back with 4 straight wins to take over the top spot in the AFC East thanks to rookie standout Saquon Barkley and new acquisition Deshaun Watson
Homecoming 10/11/18

You can go home again. The Chickens acquired Marshawn Lynch from the Huskers on Thursday afternoon in exchange for a conditio...

Holy #$@&%*! 10/09/18

It really does roll down hill. Bear Poop followed up a 88-50 drubbing of the Buddies last week with an bigger defeat of the M...

I Love the 80's 10/02/18

In a week full of fireworks, Brian Davidson's two teams combined to score an incredible 177 points as the Brothers and Poop b...

WAIVERS - WEEK 7, 2018
Team Transactions
1.Boys (0)
2.Llamas (0)
3.Beans (0)
4.Brothers (0)
5.Chickens (0)
6.White Guys (0)
7.Orangutangs (1)
8.Thugs (1)
9.Huskers (1)
10.Buddies (1)
11.Dragons (1)
12.Mallards (1)
13.Poop (1)
14.Eaters (1)
15.Refugees (2)
16.Merry Men (2)


White Guys

6-0 with the reeling Merry Men on tap. 7-0 right around the corner.



Continue to take care of business as they improved to 5-1. Trading for Lynch was an interesting move.



Can't figure out if they were lucky or unlucky to tie last week. Only way to beat these guys is to play them when the Chargers are on their bye.