EatersAE 0
Merry MenLMM 0
BuddiesBuB 0
ThugsMT 0
RefugeesCR 0
OrangutangsAO 0
PoopBP 0
LlamasHL 0
MallardsFM 0
White GuysWG 0
DragonsSD 0
BoysBB 0
BeansMHB 0
BrothersMB 0
ChickensCC 0
HuskersUH 0

The Champs Are Here

With three scores from A.J. Green on Thursday night, the Big Boys got off to a rousing start, but Todd Gurley and the defending champion High 5'n White Guys were up to the challenge in a week full of fireworks for the NFC East.
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WAIVERS - WEEK 3, 2018
Team Transactions
1.Orangutangs (0)
2.Llamas (0)
3.Thugs (0)Released K Daniel Carlson; Signed K Ka'imi Fairbairn.
4.Brothers (0)
5.Poop (0)
6.Dragons (0)
7.Boys (0)Placed QB Eli Manning on Injured Reserve; Signed QB Ryan Fitzpatrick.
8.Refugees (0)
9.Beans (0)
10.Mallards (0)
11.Merry Men (0)Released TE Cameron Brate; Signed RB Ito Smith.
12.Chickens (0)
13.Eaters (0)
14.White Guys (0)
15.Huskers (1)
16.Buddies (1)


White Guys

Just strolling through the schedule, dropping 68 w/o a point from the QB. If they get past Mallards then Chickens, I could see them blowing past last years 7-0 start.



Elliot saved the week on SNF or we would have one big 1-1 mess in the NFC West. They are third in points and it doesn't feel like this team has played its best game yet.



Melvin Gordon is the gift that just keeps giving. 3 TDs in the first half and then gets rested. Could be challenged by the upstart Merry Men this week.