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The Second Coming?

Can Ezekiel Elliott lead the Chickens back into the spotlight?

Ezekiel Elliott

After an unprecedented string of six consecutive division titles that saw two Super Bowl titles, the Chunky Chickens came crashing back to earth last season. A combination of low draft picks, advancing age and a supposed(?) "trade embargo" left the once mighty Chickens with a roster that could muster just 3 victories and the league's worst record.

However, the Chickens showed their resiliency by winning the inaugural Stupor Bowl playoffs (including the first ever playoff tie breaker in the finals) to secure the #1 overall draft pick.

The last time the Chickens won 3 games was 1999. They were division champs again by 2001. Leading the charge? A trio of RBs led by Ricky Williams, Jamal Lewis (drafted #1 in 2000) and all-time great LaDainian Tomlinson (drafted #5 in 2001).

With Ezekiel Elliott on tap as the #1 overall pick in this year's draft, could history be repeating itself? Steve Dugas is back with his first Mock Draft of 2016 as we edge closer to another season of YFFL football.