EatersAE 0
BrothersMB 0
Merry MenLMM 0
ChickensCC 0
BuddiesBuB 0
HuskersUH 0
ThugsMT 0
DragonsSD 0
RefugeesCR 0
BeansMHB 0
OrangutangsAO 0
BoysBB 0
PoopBP 0
MallardsFM 0
LlamasLFT 0
White GuysWG 0

Oh Henry!

Derrick Henry scored his third touchdown of the game to lift the Buddies over the Refugees in a 80-76 shootout that was decided on Monday Night. It marks the third time Henry has scored 20+ points this season.
WAIVERS - WEEK 7, 2021
Team Transactions
1.Brothers (0)
2.Orangutangs (0)
3.Poop (0)
4.Dragons (1)
5.Boys (1)
6.Eaters (2)
7.Beans (2)
8.Refugees (2)
9.Buddies (2)
10.Llamas (3)
11.Chickens (3)
12.White Guys (3)
13.Merry Men (3)
14.Thugs (4)
15.Huskers (6)
16.Mallards (7)
Going Ape! 10/12/21

In a week that saw 5 teams score 70+ points, Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper and the Orangutangs were at the top of the heap as they posted 78 points to outlast the Buddies.

Semi-Sweet Revenge 10/05/21

While it probably didn't erase the sting of their Super Bowl XXVIII loss, the Buddies exacted a measure of revenge in Week 4 with a 41-point drubbing of the defending champion White Guys in a title game rematch.




77, 62, 49, 95, 73, 80....the scores from the first 6 weeks. This is hands down the best starting lineup we've seen since the 2004 Chickens. This team will set scoring records that will never be touched.



No Russ, no problem. Depth will really be tested as we hit the bye weeks. Congrats on the franchise's 150th win.



Dak making it look easy as the 'Tangs keep winning.