King Kongs

Jon Kinsman, YFFL Commissioner

January 03, 2024

Few would have predicted that the Asian Orangutangs, a team that looked like the worst in the league after losing 6 straight games to close out the 2022 regular season, would have any hope heading into this year. That sentiment was only reinforced after the Tangs dropped their first 2 games of this season while failing to crack the 30-point barrier.

However, something clicked into place during a Week 8 thrashing of the Huskers that saw QB Dak Prescott post 28 points enroute to 67-28 win. Sitting at 3-4 heading into that game, the Tangs would reel off 5 victories in their final 7 games thanks in large part to Prescott (who scored 22 points per game over that span) to slip into the playoffs on the final week of the season as the AFC Wild Card winner. A run to the playoffs would have been considered a tremendous turnaround after finishing a franchise worst 3-11 a season ago, but the Orangutangs weren't done yet.

With one of the toughest playoff roads ahead of any team in history, owner Jon Kinsman's team first defeated the Refugees (788 points, 5th all-time), then the Buddies (777 points, 9th all-time) and finally the Brothers (796 points, 4th all-time) to complete a Cinderella run and take home their 3rd championship and first since 2014.

The Tangs pulled off the unlikely run as they did all season - by doing just enough to stay alive. In the case of Super Bowl XXXI, one of the unlikely heroes was WR Darius Slayton, pressed into service for the first time after getting signed in the final week of the season and scoring a long touchdown to post 10 points. However, a late game touchdown from Brothers' WR Chris Godwin put their title hopes in jeopardy until WR Rashee Rice iced the AFC West champs with a long reception in the early hours off New Year's Eve. Coupled with 6 field goals from Super Bowl XXXI MVP Harrison Butker, the Tangs secured a comfortable victory and another championship banner.

Congratulations to the Asian Orangutangs, your Super Bowl XXXI champions!