Dec 12, 2023 9:35am Steve Dugas

2023 Awards

Congrats to everyone who made the playoffs.

My thoughts on the awards....

McCaffrey takes this hands down for me. Incredible year. Josh Allen and Dak probably both deserve some love too.

Bijan had a great first year but I don't know how it could be anyone other than Sam Laporta. 54 Points from a TE as a rookie and just missed pacing the position.

Kyren Williams came out of nowhere and potentially made the pro bowl (tied with Deebo for the last spot) despite missing 5 weeks and not even starting week one when he had 18 points.
Raheem Mostert is also a good candidate, but we at least expected him to start once Jeff Wilson got hurt.

Just name this award after Mike. He's a lock for to get this for the 5th time in the last 6 years.

Dec 13, 2023 10:24amBobby Sansone

MVP - I am looking at McCaffery and Tyreek Hill. Both were awesome this year. QBs were largely held in check this year.

Dec 13, 2023 10:27amBobby Sansone

also, Stroud is a candidate for Rookie of the Year. The guy is electric and brought the Thugs back to life. After all the hype, I would argue Bijan had a disappointing year. Thank Arthur Smith for that. Sam LaPorta was solid.

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