Most Valuable Player

The player that was most valuable to his team during the regular season.


Patrick Mahomes Buddies

273 Points

Buddies owner Mike Kinsman went all-in on Patrick Mahomes by trading 2017 MVP candidate Deshaun Watson shortly before Week 2 and it paid off big time. In a year that saw record scoring, Mahomes led the way by posting 273 points (good for 4th all-time) and six games where he scored 4 or more touchdowns. His breakout season led the Buddies to a AFC West title and their first playoff appearance in five years after going a combined 12-27 over the past three seasons.

Past Winners
Year Player Team Pts
2018Patrick MahomesBuddies273
2017Todd GurleyWhite Guys116
2016Aaron RodgersDragons212
2015Carson PalmerBrothers191
2014Andrew LuckThugs257
2013Peyton ManningBuddies295
2012Peyton ManningBuddies200
2011Aaron RodgersDragons269
2010Aaron RodgersDragons180
2009Drew BreesLlamas215
2008Drew BreesLlamas178
2007Tom BradyPoop282
2006LaDainian TomlinsonChickens222
2005Shaun AlexanderMerry Men174
Carson PalmerBrothers176
2004Peyton ManningDragons286
2003Ahman GreenThugs138
2002Priest HolmesHuskers190
2001Jeff GarciaThugs176
2000Daunte CulpepperMerry Men170
1999Peyton ManningDragons150
1998Steve YoungExpress230
1997Terrell DavisBoys108
Brett FavreBoys180
1996Terry AllenChickens112
1995Emmitt SmithEaters150
1994Emmitt SmithEaters138
1993Jerry RiceChickens100