2006 - A Look Ahead

Kevin Sansone, Senior Stat Boy

January 05, 2006

Reggie Bush
Reggie Bush will most likely be an Eater, but how big of an impact will he have on 2006?

It's hard to believe the best game of the YFFL Championship weekend was not the battle of the Kinsmans. The Super Bowl was over before it began and Mike returned to YFFL glory with the Buddies. No, the best game of the weekend was the Stupor Bowl between the Eaters and Refugees. The game, dubbed by some as the "Reggie Bush Bowl", went into the Monday night game with the Eaters leading by nine. The foot of Adam Vinatieri brought the Refugees within two, but sadly, Daniel Graham came up in the end with a zero and the Eaters claimed the number one draft pick in 2006. So what does this mean for the upcoming YFFL season?

Reggie Bush will be an Apple Eater

By adding Reggie Bush to the roster next season, the Eaters could begin to turn the corner in the AFC West. A Hasselbeck-Bush-Harrison combination will look nice in the Eaters weekly lineup.

Matt Leinart will be a Refugee

Even though Aceto picked up Jason Campbell in last years draft, you cannot pass up a player like Matt Leinart. The Refugees will most likely part ways with McCown and Ramsey in the offseason and go into 2006 with Leinart, Collins, and Campbell at the QB position.

The Chickens will look to trade either Philip Rivers, David Carr or both

It was not too long ago that Mike was fielding hundreds of offers for David Carr. And by hundreds I mean a few. I know for a fact that teams were throwing first round picks at the Chickens to get this should-be stud, but a year passed and Carr is still a Chicken. While Carr's value has dropped to a high second round pick, Philip Rivers is still worth a first rounder. Rivers will most likely be traded out of San Diego and should be starting somewhere next season. His fate will most likely be the same in the YFFL. Possible destinations? Merry Men, White Guys, Llamas, Dragons.

The Merry Men will get a new quarterback

A recent forum post by Mike Kinsman busted open a new can of worms and brought out what many in the league were thinking: "steve... draft a quarterback please." Daunte Culpepper may never be the same after tearing three ligaments in his knee and being charged with grabbing a stripper's booty. Brad Johnson was a nice fill-in for a few weeks this season, but he is not the answer. A possible solution could be either a trade or drafting a QB with the #4 pick obtained from the Huskers. If Vince Young comes out this year, then Steve may be able to snag him at #4, unless the White Guys take him at #3. The next best option may be Vanderbilt QB Jay Cutler who is gaining steam this year, just as Jason Campbell did towards the end of last season.

The Huskers will look to rebuild at the RB, WR, and TE position

With two late first round draft picks, the Huskers should be able to snag at least one quality player to help rebuild the roster. Right now, the team is filled with backup running backs, under-achieving wide receivers and Peyton Manning. Kevin could attempt to trade the picks for a running back, but the reality is that the Huskers are a preseason favorite to land in the 2006 Stupor Bowl.

Bobby Sansone and the Thugs will pray for the following things this offseason...

  • That Billy Volek gets traded somewhere and becomes a starter.
  • That JJ Arrington learns how to run.
  • That Anquan Boldin does not get injured
  • That the Buddies get shifted out of the division.
  • That Jon finds a new picture for Rob Bironas because he looks like a serial killer.

The Brothers will again be a NFC powerhouse in 2006

As long as Carson Palmer is around, the Brothers should be able to do great things. Davidson will try and find some depth at RB in the offseason, which should be the missing piece of the puzzle and allow the Brothers to move forward in the playoffs. A trade of one of his many receivers may solve this issue.

The Dragons will have more questions at the start of 2006 than they did at the start of 2005

Going into this season, it seemed like Jon had the answer to his middle of the road team by shipping out star Peyton Manning, and bringing in most of the Huskers offense. But now, Jon looks at his QB position and sees four scary names: Fav-re, Pennington, Rodgers and Wright. One is old, one is oft-injured, one is untested, and one is crappy. The running backs are thin in number but appear to be solid coming into 2006. The wide receivers seem to be getting long in the tooth (Toomer, Smith, Moulds), but should still get good production from Ward and Jurevicius. Jon will look to add some depth this offseason, and hopefully find a productive quarterback.