Favre's Fairy Tale Should Have Magical Ending

Bobby Sansone, Senior Writer

December 14, 2005

Brett Favre
Could this be a magical ending to Brett Favre's storied career?

Hollywood couldn't have written this script any better. The league's most accomplished player by leaps and bounds. In the twilight of his career, Brett Favre gets traded for an injured WR and a lowly 2nd round draft pick. Even more surprising, he is traded to a division rival. The two owners downplay the trade saying it isn't that significant. The trade doesn't even make the headlines of Critics were confused and some owners dubbed it the "Brett Favre Giveaway."

For seven weeks, Chris looked like a genius. Favre and the Dragons struggled, the playoffs were a long shot and it looked like Favre would quietly end his career on the outside of the playoffs. Then something happened. Favre and the Dragons crashed the playoff party and sent the Brothers home in a taxi like that guy who gets too drunk at the company Christmas party.

Now Favre has a chance to have the last laugh. In a fairy tale season that is the YFFL 2005, anything is possible. Favre has averaged just 4.3 points per game since Week 8 so it seems highly unlikely that he can pull off a double-digit performance. But then again this is the magical Brett Favre. This is the same Brett Favre who has been to a record 7 Pro Bowls and is rapidly closing in on 2000 career points. Although he just suffered through his third worst season in his 13-year career, he is so respected by everyone involved in the YFFL that they nominated him for MVP anyway. That says a lot about Favre and the legacy he will one day leave this league.

All eyes will be on Brett on Sunday as he will answer so many questions. Will he be suiting up in a YFFL game for the last time? Can he ruin the Boys magical season; a season he made happen with 84 points in the first five weeks? Will he ride off into the sunset of NFC Conference Championship and into the bright lights of Super Bowl XIV? It's a fairy tale only the greatest fantasy player of all-time can script.