Wildcard Playoff Preview

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

December 09, 2005

Bear Poop vs Burger Buddies

Randy Moss
No Moss? The Buddies won't need him.

The Poop come into this 2005 wild card match up as a big underdog. The Buddies could win this game by as much as 30 points. The Bear Poop will go with a double tight end set while the Buddies will counter with a three running back attack. Surprisingly YFFL legend Randy Moss will not be starting this weekend, he has struggled through injuries in recent weeks and cannot be counted on at a time when every last point matters. It takes some guts to bench a player like that and I applaud Mike for his decision. The Bear Poop could make this a close game if Tom Brady goes off and Chad Johnson and Santana Moss provide some help. In the end the Buddies just have too much fire power.

Prediction: Buddies 47 Bear Poop 38

Dragons vs Memphis Brothers

Carson Palmer
With all eyes on Favre, Palmer should shine

This is the game drawing the most media attention this week, Bobby Sansone is just salivating at the possibility of Brett Favre playing the Big Boys in the conference final. We will have to wait until Sunday night to find that out as Green Bay hosts Detroit. As for the QB on the other side of the game, Carson Palmer should be able to rip apart the Cleveland defense with a game at home. This game will probably come down to the play of the wideouts. Steve Smith has had a huge year and should see it continue this week. For the Dragons, Jurevicius and Ward have been solid. While I would love to see the Dragons make it to the next round, I don't see Bri having both teams knocked out in the wild card round.

Prediction: Brothers 51 Dragons 42