Postcards From Camp: Memphis Brothers

Bobby Sansone, Senior Writer

September 02, 2005

Oh Brothers, Where Art Thou?
Carson Palmer
Bri and the Brothers are expecting big things out of Carson Palmer this year, who may finally have the beginnings of running game to support him

CHICAGO, IL - Brian Davidson and the Memphis Brothers don't want your sympathy. Riddled with injuries. Laughing stock of the league. Forgotten in a division where 3 of the top 5 teams reign and where 3 of the top 4 QBs are hailed as kings. No, Bri Davidson and the Memphis Brother still don't want your sympathy.

Davidson waited patiently all off-season for the YFFL Draft. "I've had September 1st, 8:00 PM circled on my calendar since the Stupor Bowl" Davidson says. "It's been a long-time coming but the Brothers are excited for the prospects of 2005."

Palmer appears on the verge of a fantasy breakthrough this season and draft additions of Cadillac Williams and Kevin Curtis can step in and start right away. The return of Steve Smith might be the single most important addition of all. Anthony Becht and Desmond Clark are caught in a great position battle for starting TE - a battle that has infected the rest of the team with the aggression and emotion that was missing all last season.

Davidson was brief in his comments to, "The Brothers don't want to be the joke of the YFFL again this year...nor will they be."

Most Important Question Facing Owner Bri Davidson

What to do with the trio of young QBs? Carson Palmer, Ben Rothliesberger and Charlie Frye all play on in the AFC North and all suit up for the Memphis Brothers. Palmer appears to be the QB of the future and rightfully so. Rothliesberger has the potential to be a premier fantasy QB but also appears to be clearly stuck behind Palmer for the indefinite future. Davidson liked what he saw in Charlie Frye enough to draft him over Trent Dilfer (and to draft him at all) knowing that he already had two young QBs. Look for Davidson to deal Rothliesberger in a move similar to the Bulger for Perry/Crumpler/Garcia trade last year.

Scobee Dooby Doo

The surprise cut of Davidson's favorite kicker Jay Feely left the Brothers with one kicker with an equally funny last name. Josh Scobee will assume the kicking duties for the Brothers this season. Amazingly, the Brother/Jacks franchise hasn't sent a kicker to the Pro Bowl since 1996 when Norm Johnson represented the old Eastern Division in the 3-division Pro Bowl format. When asked if he would end the Brothers Pro Bowl kicker drought, Scobee answered with a chuckle, "Probably not."

Probable Starters

Palmer, Williams, McCardell, Bennett, Smith, Becht, Scobee, Curtis

Final Observations

In the extremely competitive NFC West, in which the Brothers will have to face McNabb, Manning and Green twice each, it is unrealistic to expect this team to finish above .500. However, playing the Brothers will be far from a walk in the park. Palmer will be one of the Top 6 or 7 fantasy QBs by year's end. Drew Bennett is one of those rare WRs who can burn you for 3 TDs and 150 yards in any game. There's still not enough depth at RB which is ultimately where the Brothers will faulter. Steve Smith should return to form but McCardell's fantasy value still remains a mystery. I'll be the 87th person to say it - Kevin Curtis could be the next Brandon Stokley. Expect the Brothers to be competitive in every game but I expect them to be drafting in the Top 3 again next year.

Projected Record

4-9; 4th NFC West