Postcards from Camp: Big Boys

Bobby Sansone, Senior Writer

August 18, 2003

QUINCY, MA – Ah, the sights and sounds of summer: backyard bbqs, children in swimming pools, Steve penciling in the Merry Men in the Super Bowl, and Chris Davidson beginning his 67th training camp. Ok, OK, so Chris isn't quite that old. Davidson’s Boys are still under the tutelage of Brett Favre, who holds about every YFFL scoring record there is. Favre isn’t saying whether this is his last training camp but his teammates and coaches will tell you that is just might be. Regardless, the Boys will begin this season with their backs already against the wall with Michael Bennett out indefinitely.

Biggest Question Facing Owner Chris Davidson

Which way will the Boys go? The Boys are in that uncomfortable zone in between rebuilding and competing. There is too much talent between Favre, Shockey, Price and Janikowski for this team to look at this season as a rebuilding year. Meanwhile, there isn’t enough talent between Hambrick, Jones, Galloway and Glenn for the Boys to compete with the upper echelon of the NFC. The Boys overachieved last year and won the NFC East but are now stuck drafting 11th. Davidson has to hope that there is a RB left if he wishes to compete this year.

Rising Star

Jeremy Shockey. All eyes will be on Jeremy “Cocky” this year. A relatively lackluster rookie season has only put more pressure on the young TE to produce fantasy numbers this year. Davidson made Shockey the earliest TE ever selected in the YFFL draft when he chose him 4th overall last season. Shockey should earn pro bowl honors this time around.

Probable Starters

Favre, Hambrick, Jones, Galloway, Price, Shockey, Janikowski, TBD

Final Observations

The Boys, one of the great dynasties ever in the YFFL, appear to be well on their way to returning to the league’s elite. A few transactions here and there coupled with a generous draft could speed up the process. The Boys play in the league’s weakest division which also helps. Chris Davidson returned to the YFFL last year with a bang and now owners are anxiously awaiting his return to making trades. Look for the eldest Davidson to win Owner of the Year this season.