Fact or Fiction: Super Bowl XII Edition

Bobby & Kevin Sansone, Senior Argumentative Analysts

December 21, 2004

1. Fact or Ficton, the loss of Terrell Owens makes the Merry Men the favorites to win Super Bowl XII.

Bobby: Fact. The Merry Men will be favored by three points in Super Bowl XII largely due to Terrell Owens' untimely injury. This injury should bring back memories for Kevin and Steve of Super Bowl X in which Priest Holmes went down with an injury just before the big game. The Huskers found a way to beat the Men that year but this Merry Men team is much improved and much healthier that the Chickens.

Kevin: Fact. In 2002, when Priest Holmes went down with an injury before the Super Bowl, Tiki Barber was able to step in and lead the team to victory. I just don't see Brandon Lloyd or Jason Witten doing that. TO's absence brings McNabb's value down, meaning Drew Brees will most likely get the start. The Merry Men are playing well and Daunte Culpepper's performance in the conference championship was outstanding. I like the Merry Men to win their first title.

2. Fact or Ficton, Brandon Lloyd should get the starting nod in place of Owens for the Chickens.

Bobby: Fact. Unfortuntately. I have questioned only one aspect of the Chickens all year long and that is their lack of depth at RB and WR. Owens injury means either Az Hakim or Brandon Lloyd will start this weekend. Ouch. At any rate, the Chickens may be forced to trade David Carr in the offseason for a RB or WR.

Kevin: Fact. Only because they don't have many other options at wide receiver. All season long I thought this team was extremely deep and could throw in anybody into the starting lineup. Now I'm not so sure of this. Owens and Horn are the only legitmately good receivers on the roster. Witten is going to have either Romo or Henson at QB this weekend, and Kevan Barlow may be the 2nd biggest fantasy bust this season after Quentin Griffin. Brandon Lloyd is the only option for the Chickens.

3. Fact or Ficton, Shaun Alexander is more important to the Merry Men than Daunte Culpepper.

Bobby: Fiction. Culpepper, the most hated man in the YFFL, is still the heart and soul of the Merry Men. Culpepper has somehow turned Steve Dugas from a die-hard Pats fan into a die-hard Vikings fan. Pit the Pats against the Vikings in the NFL Super Bowl and there is little doubt who Steve will be secretly rooting for. Ouch. The tricky thing about Culpepper is that you can't tell if he's really any good. The Vikings are always in close games which means Culpepper is throwing the ball for four quarters and racking up huge fantasy numbers. Rarely will you encounter a scenario in which Culpepper is handing the ball off to Onterrio Smith with 8:00 minutes left in the fourth quarter. I think that's the reason Culpepper is so hated. The Vikings are horrible, but they have a ton of talent. Just look at the RBs alone; Onterrio Smith, Michael Bennett, Mewelde Moore and Moe Williams. It is safe to say that any one of the four guys would have a 1,000 yard season if they were playing for say the Raiders, or the Panthers. Somehow, despite having a great player at nearly every offensive position, the Vikings are losing to the Bears and beating the Lions on a botched extra point attempt. I'd like to think that if Culpepper or the Vikings were actually a good team, they wouldn't have to struggle through every game.

Kevin: Fiction. Take Culpepper out of the conference championship and you have a loss, not a victory. Take Alexander out, and you are still playing this weekend.

4. Fact or Ficton, a Super Bowl win would mean more to Steve than to Mike.

Bobby: Fiction. While a Super Bowl win would possibly be the greatest accomplishment in Steve's life, the Chickens and Mike need the win more. I compare them to the '98 Yankees. They won an absurd amount of games and steamrolled over opponents but the only way they would be remembered was if they won it all. The 2004 Chickens are facing the same dilemma. Mike and the Chickens needs this win bad to preserve their place among the YFFL's all-time greats.

Kevin: Fiction. You can't be considered one of the greatest teams in league history without winning the Super Bowl. Mike needs this win before the Chickens can be mentioned in that statement. This game is important to Steve as well though. Either he or Aceto will be known as the last owner to win a Super Bowl. If Steve loses (and Aceto wins first) you can be sure that he, Bobby, and Mike will carve those words onto Steve's tombstone.

5. Fact or Ficton, this is the best Super Bowl matchup in the history of the YFFL.

Bobby: Fact. Despite no T.O., this is a great match-up. Two huge egos and two great teams who have been #1 and #2 in the Power Rankings since Week 2. I'm not sure who made the schedule this year, but they conveniently didn't meet in the regular season which means everything is on the table for this Super Bowl match-up. I suspect things to heat-up in the forum sometime Tuesday night with a possible "Lauren Garneau" reference to signal the start of the first round of fighting.

Kevin: Fiction. I still have a soft spot for Huskers-Merry Men. Come on, the two expansion teams going head to head for the title in only their 4th season? That is good stuff.