Fact or Fiction: Hindsight is 20/20 Edition

Ryan Gibbons & Kurt Willette, Middle Management

December 19, 2016

On the eve of this week's Conference title games, Ryan and Kurt met once again to sort through a few pressing questions in the latest edition of Fact or Fiction. EDITOR'S NOTE #1: This was received on December 18th before the start of Sunday's games. It fell between the seats and I didn't see it. I'm sorry.

The Chickens will win.

Ryan: FICTION. As of Sunday at 12:30, Graham has a goose egg on the books, and Brees has a tough matchup. I know that Nick is supremely confident, but the all-time great regular season Chickens teams have a tendency not to close it out. For the sake of argument, I'll say they lose a close one.

Drew Brees and Philip Rivers Nailed it.

Kurt: FACT. Too many horses on this team for Jon is my guess, however, Nick certainly got carried away on the podcast predicting a blowout. This one will be closer than he expects and I would not be shocked to see a let down by the prolific scoring Chickens this week, culminating with an unforeseen loss. That said, I expect them to pull this one out due to their superior running backs.

The Llamas will win.

Ryan: FACT. I think if the Eaters were at full strength they could pull the upset, but no Gordon and a banged up Ingram will make it tough. Hopefully Bell didn't blow his entire wad in the bye week, but I think he's got some left to give. I think this game comes down to whether Bell and Carr outperform Rivers and Brown.

Kurt: FACT. Despite Bobby's endorsement, the Llamas have the better lineup and should win. That said, it's not an overwhelming advantage and an Eaters win shouldn't surprise anyone. Gibbs is wrong though, this matchup clearly comes down to Charles Clay vs. Coby Fleener.

Nick is a better podcaster than Steve.

Ryan: FACT. Steve and Bobby are like the old married couple that lost the spark. Then, along comes a hopped up 23 year old into the relationship that wants to talk about something other than the weather and their own fantasy team. The dynamic between low-energy Bobby and 3 pipes of meth Nick is a little uneven, but overall the guest host really breathed some air into the podcast last week. Let's hope Steve pays a little more attention to Bobby and they can patch up their relationship. Maybe they'll even learn something from this that will make their relationship stronger.

Kurt: FACT. Clearly. Steve and Bob are about as made for podcasting as the "Boom Goes the Dynamite" guy was made for sportscasting. Nick came in guns blazing and Red Bull's drained. He'd let Bob get in 2 monotone words that took about 5 seconds to get out and he interrupted him with about 50 of his own in the same timespan. Although over eager like Pat Blount chasing get rich quick schemes, Nick made the podcast infinitely more entertaining.

Russian Clam EDITOR'S NOTE #2: A search for "Russian Clam" is way more SFW than you'd think it would be.

Kurt or Ryan will have to do a Russian Clam.

Ryan: FICTION. First, let me explain. A Russian Clam is not some foreign competitor to the Yarmouth Clam Festival, but rather a shot of warmed vodka and clam chowder. In the spirit of degenerate gambling, Kurt and I have a side bet since we're playing each other in the YFFL and CJ's off-brand Yarmouth fantasy league. If either of us lose both matchups, a Russian Clam is in our future.

Kurt: FACT. I say fact because it seems fitting for one of us to get unlucky and have to consume such a humiliating and revolting concoction. I can only hope it's Gibbs and that he is able to video it for all of us to see.

Kevin will be happy if the Llamas win a title.

Ryan: FACT. As mentioned on the podcast, the Mallards and the Llamas are in a race to see who wins the first title. Realizing he could never win it alone, Kev had the good sense to bring in a GM to get the job done. Not only would a Llamas win give Kev these bragging rights, it would also be a fitting end to Steve's nightmare of a 2016 YFFL season.

Kurt: FICTION. With the one exception being if Kevin pulls a Shooter McGavin like move and runs off with Ryan's YFFL trophy in hopes of pretending it's his. If Gibbs does win, I could see Kev going Jerry Jones and firing him and bringing in a yes man so he can get his grips back on the team which will almost certainly result in many years of subsequent mediocrity.