2015 AFC West Preview

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

September 04, 2015

Team Previews

Philip Rivers In a sign of team solidarity, the Eaters have been wearing these sweet bolo ties during the preseason. Will they be the lucky charms they need to win an up-for-grabs AFC West?

Ludke's Merry Men: 9-4

The Merry Men entered the draft with arguably the worst position group in the YFFL with their meager collection of RBs. Well, they addressed it in a big way on draft night as they landed three RBs in the first round. Anderson, Gordon and Coleman all have some question marks but should still prove much more capable then the guys that were trotted out there last year. The Merry Men still sport an excellent group of WRs in Thomas, Brown, Maclin and Wright, and they might actually be even better in 2015 with Brown and Wright having better QBs throwing them the ball. If Stafford can have a bounce back year and the RBs are serviceable, then the Merry Men should be able to pull away in a weak division.

Apple Eaters 8-5

The Eaters should have a feisty squad in 2015 led my Antonio Brown, who had a monster year last year with 110 points. The Eaters have decided a year after suiting about a dozen RBs to swap them for WRs as they currently have eight on their roster; it will be interesting to see if they start four WRs. Rivers is back for an 11th season and just recently signed a contract extension that should have him retiring as an Eater. While the Eaters will be competitive each and every week and will beat up on some of the weaker teams in their conference, I think they will struggle to get to the 9 or 10 wins it's going to take to make the playoffs.

Market Thugs: 7-6

I don't know what to make of this team. Andrew Luck has just started what I predict will be 10 straight seasons of 200 points but will that be enough to make this team a contender? Waves of injuries have been washing over this team all summer and if a player isn't injured, he's a stiff. Jaelen Strong will eventually make a nice partner with Watkins in the receiving corps, but he has some clown throwing him the ball for now just like Watkins. This team should be a three or four win team but Luck will carry the week too many times for that to happen. Best case is this team sneaks in the lottery, Luck is hot and they win the #1 pick.

Burger Buddies: 4-9

This teams is nothing but Manning, Rainbows, and Unicorns...and I'm not even sure how much Manning has left. While Mike has assembled a roster with some much hyped and talent players, most of them have never been able to live up to expectations. Perhaps Manning, Martin, Olsen, ASJ, Tucker and Randle have big years and this team makes me look an idiot as they cruise to the division title, but I'm pretty sure they have a better chance of Larry Johnson walking back through the door. Like the Thugs, this team has to hope they can get into the Stupor Bowl playoffs and make a run at the top so they can land another 2016 impact player like they hope Kevin White will be.

Division Superlatives

Demaryius Thomas

Division Non QB MVP: Demaryius Thomas

Thomas has to be nervous about what the future holds when Manning walks away, but for now Manning is still his QB and another 90-110 point season is in store.

Emmanuel Sanders

Most Underrated: Emmanuel Sanders

So that's why the Patriots kept signing him to offer sheets. Sanders was awesome in 2014 and should be again in 2015 as the clear cut #2 option in that passing offense. New rule of thumb: always try to get WRs on your team that were at one point drafted by the Steelers. They know how to pick them.

Rueben Randle

Most Overrated: Rueben Randle

After looking poised for another step forward in 2014, Randle instead fell flat on his face. He needs to produce in 2015 or he might be looking into a new line of work.

John Brown

Breakthrough Player: John Brown

If Carson Palmer can stay healthy all season, John Brown will be the biggest beneficiary as he clearly missed him when we was hurt. 1,000 yards and 7-9 TDs are in store for the AFC West breakout player.

All-Division Team

QBAndrew LuckThugs
RBMark IngramEaters
RB/WRCJ AndersonMerry Men
WRDemaryius ThomasMerry Men
WRAntonio BrownEaters
TEAustin Seferian-JenkinsBuddies
KStephen GostowskiMerry Men
UTEmmanuel SandersEaters