2015 NFC West Preview

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

August 12, 2015

Team Previews

Jordy Nelson Upon publication of this article, Brothers WR Jordy Nelson was immediately lost for the season due to seasonal affective disorder

Memphis Brothers: 10-3

I'm not even sure where to start with the Brothers. I've got to be insane to pick them to win the division. Every year it's a different kind of heartbreak. Whether it's injuries, finishing 9-4 and missing the playoffs, or like last year when they scored 699 points (second most in the YFFL) but found themselves 5-7-1 and missing the playoffs for the 4th year in a row. All that changes this year. The Brothers are loaded. Everyone is healthy and they are poised to either grab an impact skill player at #7 in the draft or land Jameis Winston, who could solve their long-term outlook at QB. The Brothers enter the 2015 season as the NFC favorites to go to the Super Bowl, but what crazy twists and turns await?

Chunky Chickens: 9-4

As the "Trade Embargo" surges past 1,000 days, things remain business as usual at team headquarters for the Chickens. Perhaps we are all doing Nick a favor by not bartering with him as the Chickens just won an unprecedented 6th straight division title. The Chickens dynasty is winding down, but it won't be coming to an abrupt end this year. They still have plenty of talent (although it's aging) and it wouldn't be a surprise if they stole the division from the Brothers should they stumble. Nick is hoping to bring in an influx of youth over the next few weeks, it will be interesting to see what he can pull off.

Mexican Humping Beans: 5-8

After picking in the top two for three of the last four years, the Beans seem poised to rise from the cellar but they'll have trouble getting past anyone other than the Huskers in their division. The Beans hold the key to the first round of the draft this year. Everyone wants to know which way they will be going so they can start slotting in other players in their mock drafts. Do they take Mariota, who has been tearing up training camp and could be the guy to turn this franchise around, or do they take Gurley, and hope that RGIII shows signs of 2012? A bouncback season from him would suddenly give this team a pretty solid starting lineup.

UCornn Huskers: 4-9

The 2015 Huskers are a Russell Wilson injury away from being a complete dumpster fire. Sure they have a few top-end players, but the rest of the roster is littered with busts, felons, has-beens, and never-will-be's. Ball, Austin, Patterson and the Ray Rice trade have set this franchise back years. Kevin is probably the best at a quick rebuild, so the Husker faithful should be patient, but 2015 will be a long year. This team will have a great shot at winning the first ever Stupor Bowl Tournament. The one thing that may prevent a quick rebuild is that Kevin has self-imposed a two year trade embargo.

Division Superlatives

Eddie Lacy

Division Non QB MVP: Eddie Lacy

Lacy is the best player in this division hands down. He plays all three downs and will be getting all the goal line work for the best offense in the NFL. Seeing him have a 150 point 2015 season would not be a shock. Expect him to take the Brothers all the way to the Super Bowl.

Randall Cobb

Most Underrated: Randall Cobb

Cobb doesn't get enough press in the YFFL and certainly never gets the respect he deserves. The Huskers were panned when they traded Julius Thomas for Cobb last year, but with Thomas proving injury prone AND a Jaguar, the deal looks like a fleecing. Cobb will be putting up another 80 points this year.

Zach Ertz

Most Overrated: Zach Ertz

Every year Ertz is projected to "break out", but when is that going to happen? He clearly needs to learn how to block if he ever wants to see the field enough to make an impact. On a team of disappointments, Ertz has to be one of the biggest.

Kenny Stills

Breakthrough Player: Kenny Stills

Kenny Stills has to be euphoric on moving onto the Dolphins as the Saints look to go to a more rushing based offense. Stills was always underused in New Orleans and the Dolphins wouldn't have made the trade if they weren't going to throw the ball to him a ton. Look for Stills to crack the 50 point barrier and push for 60.

All-Division Team

QBRussell WilsonHuskers
RBEddie LacyBrothers
RB/WRMarshawn LynchChickens
WRJulio JonesBeans
WRAlshon JefferyBeans
TEJimmy GrahamChickens
KSteven HauschkaChickens
UTJamaal CharlesBrothers