2015 Mock Draft 1.0

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

July 16, 2015

With a loaded rookie class, the 2015 YFFL Draft is shaping up to be one for the ages. Steve takes an early look at how the first round might shake out in his first mock draft of the season.

Jameis Winston He's got the tools and he's got the talent...but how far can you trust this guy? Where Winston ends up will be one of the biggest subplots of the 2015 YFFL Draft.

1. Mexican Humping Beans Jameis Winston TB

Drafting in the top 2 for the 4th time in the last 5 years proves this team does not have the QB it needs if it wants to get back to the playoffs. Last year the Beans started a trio of Washington QBs and it yielded all of 75 points. While Bobby would love to draft another position player #1 overall, I think he has to take a QB. With Jones and Jeffery in their prime, he should take the QB who is going to have a bigger year one impact, and that is Jameis Winston. Winston has two solid WRs to throw to and a TE whom they call "The Mountain". I think Winston can come into the league and average 10-12 points a week, which would be good for a top 10 finish.

2. High 5'n White Guys Marcus Mariota TEN

These first two picks are going to be really interesting to watch unfold. Both teams desperately need QB help, but a couple of other players might be more "sure" things. Aceto has been throwing darts at QBs since 2009 with guys like Sanchez, Gabbert, Manziel and Bradford. With Bradford in Philly, he might be tempted to pass on QB and go with Smith and Bradford, but that would be a mistake. Bradford is one of the most fragile players in the league and can't be counted on, while Smith just completed an NFL season without throwing a TD pass to a WR. Mariota might have some growing pains but I think he will become a top ten YFFL QB for years to come. With the rest of the team getting gray, Aceto might flip Peterson for another first round pick and fully embrace the rebuilding process.

3. Hoochie Llamas Todd Gurley STL

With a deep and loaded team, Gibby can afford to take the injured Gurley and hope that he gets healthy and is the stud all the pundits believe he is. I already think the Llamas are the AFC Super Bowl favorite and the prospect of them trotting out a healthy Gurley along with Bell and Murray is terrifying.

4. Ludke's Merry Men Amari Cooper OAK

The Merry Men surprise everyone and take a WR with their first pick of the draft while ignoring a glaring hole at the RB position. Cooper is a very polished player and has a high floor. He doesn't have the ceiling of a player like Kevin White, but after blowing many first round draft picks the last four years, the Merry Men are focused on just hitting a double.

5. Ludke's Merry Men (via Huskers) CJ Anderson DEN

How high CJ Anderson should be drafted will be one of the more debated topics in the 2015 YFFL Draft. Does he burn the team that drafts him like Toby Gerhart did last year? Or is he the next Arian Foster, a player whose career was made in new coach Gary Kubiak's system. Merry Men faithful will be hoping it's the latter or it's going to be another long season on Fieldstone Drive.

Kevin White Kevin White signals his arrival by bellowing the ancient tribal call of the Memphis Brothers on draft day

6. Fightin' Mallards Melvin Gordon SD

The Mallards have a tough call between Melvin Gordon and Kevin White, but ultimately cast their lot with Gordon, the record-setting college RB. Gordon forms a nice starting duo with Jeremy Hill as the Mallards look to rebound from a lost season.

7. Memphis Brothers Kevin White CHI

Bri is so pumped to land his hometown guy in Kevin White that he runs right down to Lake Michigan and jumps in. New coach John Fox may hate rookies, but he didn't spend the #7 pick in the NFL Draft for White to ride the pine. White has the highest ceiling of any player in this draft and may be the player that finally gets the Brothers over the hump and into the Super Bowl.

8. Bear Poop Ameer Abdullah DET

Choosing between Ameer Abdullah and Tevin Coleman is going to be a tough choice for someone and Bri goes with the next "Ray Rice" (the player, not the criminal). Abdullah should have a firm grasp on a three down role in the Lions offense by the end of September and will have likely have a very solid career in the YFFL.

9. Cuban Refugees DeVante Parker MIA

Here is a player that could quickly move up the draft board once he is cleared for playing again. Parker has some Julio Jones to his game but is currently nursing his foot back to health (just like Julio). While the Refugees cupboard is bare when it comes to RBs, the talent of Parker is too much to pass up.

10. Burger Buddies Nelson Agholor PHL

This draft class has the potential to be one of our deepest group of first round picks ever. Agholor is a technician on the field and landed with the perfect team in the Eagles. It's crazy to see him dropping all the way to #10 in this draft. Mike is so satisfied with the pick that he heads over to the Space Needle to enjoy a nice bowl of "Smoking Ice Cream".

11. Apple Eaters TJ Yeldon JAX

The track record of Alabama RBs busting in the NFL and the prospect of owning a Jaguar causes the sneaky smooth Yeldon to fall out of the top ten picks. Yeldon is already being touted a three down back and he will be given every chance to have a 300 carry season. This is a good upside pick here.

12. Chunky Chickens Tevin Coleman ATL

Just when we think the Chickens are about to come back to Earth, a loaded draft class enters the YFFL and sends another solid player their way. Coleman was the entire Indiana offense last season and the defenses he faced still couldn't stop him. Coleman earns the lead back job with the Falcons and returns the Chickens to the playoffs yet again.

Maxx Williams Maxx Williams has the hands to make it in the YFFL

13. Ludke's Merry Men (From Thugs) Phillip Dorsett IND

The Merry Men are on the clock again?? Yep. They have a lot of draft picks this year. While grabbing another RB would make more sense, the Merry Men just can't help themselves and grab the Colt rookie in hopes he'll one day thwart division rival Andrew Luck and the Thugs.

14. Snapdragons Breshad Perriman BAL

Much has been made about Perriman's hands and drops last season. What everyone forgets is that he had a god awful QB throwing him the ball. Flacco will be a huge upgrade over Perriman's college QB. Like most years, Jon takes the player that everyone else is avoiding and it works out beautifully. Perriman has the potential to be a monster in the YFFL.

15. Big Boys Duke Johnson CLE

Don't worry Chris, this won't go as badly as the last time you drafted a Cleveland RB.

16. Llamas (via Orangutangs) - Maxx Williams BAL

Coby Fleener is overrated by the Llamas front Office and the perfect fit falls to them at #16. Williams will probably get more rookie use than most TEs as Flacco loves to throw to them. This is a good pick by the GM (but we all know Kevin really calls the shots).