Fact or Fiction: Is This a Weekly Thing Now? Edition

Ryan Gibbons & Kurt Willette, Middle Management

November 07, 2014

GMs Ryan Gibbons and Kurt Willette are back for what is becoming a weekly installment of Fact or Fiction. They break down a trade, discuss the future of Peyton Manning and reveal the mystery GM of the Big Boys as we close in on the end of the regular season.

Mike Glennon Looking like a long-lost Dugas brother wasn't enough to keep Mike Glennon around; Steve made the right the choice...Glennon was benched days after the trade

Steve and the Merry Men got the best of Bobby on their trade on 11/2.

Gibbs: FICTION. I don't entirely understand how Steve used both his teams in a trade, but it didn't help him get anyone good. Insomuch as there was a winner in this pointless trade, it was Bob, as he got the best player in the trade in Dwayne Allen. Steve gets a low 1st rounder and a bunch of guys he can cut next year. Speaking of regrettable trades, I immediately regret the Tannehill trade, as he threw for 3 TDs for the first time since what I'm guessing was his Pee-Wee Football career? Hope Kev doesn't fire me. Luckily he's too distracted by the start of college basketball this week, so maybe he'll forget about the Llamas.

Kurt: FACT. The best player in that deal was Derek Carr, who Bobby gave up along with his 1st Round pick. Mike Glennon, who he got in return, has already been benched. That said, he did at least get Dwayne Allen who he can stack with Luck. Steve still got the better end of this deal however and Carr has the potential to be a franchise QB for many years to come. Speaking of trades, Nick Wood is so desperate to make one, last week he asked if I wanted to swap 5th Round picks in 2019.

Peyton Manning will still be on the Buddies come Sunday.

Gibbs: FACT. Mike is trying to bill him as the missing piece to a championship team but none of the competitors need him. Aside from that, he's the Karl Malone of the YFFL.

Kurt: FACT. The price is likely too high for Mike to part with him and Peyton is too old to warrant giving too much up. With that said, Peyton could certainly be that difference maker if you don't have Luck, Rogers, Brees or Brady. Personally, I hope he doesn't trade Peyton because it will only expedite the rebuilding process for the Buddies and from what I've witnessed, there appears to be a strong correlation between Mike's insults and the success of his team. I don't feel the league should be deprived of Mike insulting Steve or Gibbs simply because his team sucks. Who else would think to incorporate Bucket and the Yarmouth Dump into an insult?

Jonie Big Boys GM Jonie Davidson can't wait to discuss Mohamed Sanu's breakout season with Steve when he plows her driveway this winter

Bobby is going to temper his Chris Davidson insults now that it appears the Boys are headed into the playoffs.

Gibbs: FICTION. Why bother? According to Nick's advanced web analytics, Chris hasn't visited since October 2010, so he won't see it either way.

Kurt: FICTION. Like a lion is programed to attack prey, Bobby instinctually pounces on Chris like a wounded impala. Although the Boys will likely make the playoffs, no self-respecting Sansone will bring himself to compliment an Andy Dalton or Eli Manning led team. Even Kevin, who is a Giants fan, would readily admit Eli has a perpetual look of confusion and bewilderment similar to Sloth in the Goonies when Chunk tells him he's going to live with him.

Jon Kinsman is the favorite for Owner of the Year.

Gibbs: FACT. Kinsman the Greater is the only owner with 2 teams atop their division. In fact, he's the only owner with 2 teams above .500 other than the aforementioned Chris Davidson. Since Jonie runs Chris' teams, you gotta give it to Jon. Although I would love to hear Jonie's acceptance speech.

Kurt: FACT. With both teams heading toward divisional victories and the Dragons looking like the favorites to take on Bobby and the Thugs in the Super Bowl, you can't find 2 better run teams under the same ownership. Conversely, are there two worse teams under the same ownership than the Llamas and the Huskers? BTW Kev, you may want to consider responding to trade offers if you want to improve your team.

Nick should start incorporating a point spread into his weekly picks (like Aceto surely would) to make it a little more challenging.

Gibbs: FACT. Once again Nick is falling down on the job. I heard Aceto actually does this already and is 59-12-1 against the spread this year. Since above all else he's a humble man, he has yet to show up Nick by announcing this fact.

Kurt: FACT. Nick should also leverage the picks to lash out at everyone each week until someone lifts the embargo. As the antithesis to Aceto, I would expect him to be a little more crass.