Postcards from Camp: Bear Poop

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

August 21, 2014

Postcards from Camp


The 2013 season was absolutely abysmal for the Bear as they finished 4-9 and scored the fewest points in the YFFL. Only one player on this team cracked the top 50 in the league scoring ranks and that was Tom Brady with 102. There really isn't much else to say in summary...the past season was a real nightmare.

Tom Brady and Cam Newton Confident in his status as starting QB, mid-90's Val Kilmer filled in for Tom Brady during training camp

Critical Question

Can Tom Brady bounce back or have we seen his best days? Brady has had a most impressive YFFL career but 2013 had the pundits calling for Bri to turn this team over to Cam Newton. Bri has said its Brady's team to the bitter end, but he may have to change his mind if this keeps up and the Bear want to win some games.

Player to Watch

James Jones, WR (OAK) - James Jones left GB as a free agent and finds himself as the top dog, albeit on a terrible team. The Bear will need him to step up and perform like a WR1 if they are to compete for the division title.


Tom Brady, Alfred Morris, #3 Draft Pick, TY Hilton, James Jones, Heath Miller, Kicker, Julian Edelman


The Bear are a real blue collar team; you're happy to have most of the guys on your team, but the stars are few and far between. With two top twenty picks in the upcoming draft, the Bear have a shot at landing a couple. It will be interesting to see if Bri adds to his plethora of WRs with the #3 pick or if he grabs a RB. Bri's goal is always to win the division and this year will likely be no different. I think he takes Hyde, Gerhart, or Sankey and tries to replicate the success he had last year with the Brothers and the arrival of Eddie Lacy.


5-8; 524 Points; 3rd AFC East