Postcards from Camp: Ludke's Merry Men

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

August 12, 2013

Postcards from Camp


The Merry Men followed up their 2011 title run with a 3-0 start and then the wheels came flying off. They only won three of their next 10 games, losing some in spectacular fashion, as they finished 7th in scoring and missed out on being in the top four by a mere 7 points. Demaryius Thomas, Stephen Gostowski, and Ray Rice all made the AFC Pro-Bowl as the Merry Men placed four players in the top 31 for scoring last season. Their lack of depth behind such a strong core became quite apparent as injuries piled up along with some poor play. The Merry Men still had a shot at defending their title heading into the final weeks of the season but they couldn't get the job done.

Steve Dugas An impending baby, writing 16 Postcards from Camp, paying for a new furnace, configuring a new computer, competing in the Evans Spear triathlon, an ever-eroding menu at Bruce's Burritos and a new traffic pattern on Route 1 in Yarmouth have left Merry Men owner Steve Dugas exhausted. Will he even make it to draft day?

Critical Question

Will owner Steve Dugas be able to handle his team's affairs on draft day or will the Merry Men be on auto-pick? As the due date for Baby Dugas rapidly approaches (August 31st), this owner grows more and more nervous that he will not be able to participate in the highlight of the fantasy season, YFFL draft day. He has managed to secure a signed document from Becky that so long as she is not in labor or delivery during draft time, Steve will be able to participate. With four picks in the second and third rounds and a team in need for some solid contributors, this team will needs its owner at the table.

Player to Watch

Ryan Broyles, WR DET - With Jeremy Maclin tearing his ACL in recent weeks, a lot of pressure has been put on Broyles (who is recovering from his own ACL tear) to join the starting lineup Week 1. Will he be ready? The Merry Men sure hope so as they could really use a 60 point season from Broyles along with the bump Stafford could get from having a second WR to throw to.


Matt Stafford, Ray Rice, 2nd Round Draft Pick, Demaryius Thomas, Ryan Broyles, 3rd Round Draft Pick, Stephen Gostowski, Kendall Wright


Despite losing Maclin and Hernandez, one for this season and one for life, the Merry Men still have reason to be optimistic for the 2013 season. Stafford, Rice, Thomas, and Gostowski will have them in every game they play. If the Merry Men can manage to hit a few doubles in the draft instead of trying to hit home runs, this team could pull off a division title. Whether they would make any noise in the playoffs remains to be seen. In the end, they fall just short and finish with the 8th pick in the 2014 draft.


6-7; 600 Points; 3rd Place AFC West