Postcards from Camp: Big Boys

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

August 02, 2012

Postcards from Camp


The Big Boys did some damage last year as they scored nearly 600 points on the season but unfortuantely the opposition did a little more. Only four other teams had more points scored against them than the Big Boys as they finished 5-7-1. A lot of good things happened to the Big Boys in 2011; Eli Manning became a stud fantasy QB, Ryan Mathews emerged as a workhorse and will threaten 100 points in 2012, and AJ Green proved to be a top 10 dynasty talent at WR. The Big Boys still have a few holes to plug but they certainly have a "Big Three" that will rival that of any other teams.

Ryan Mathews The brake is on the left, Ryan

Critical Question

Can Ryan Mathews stay healthy for an entire YFFL season? Mathews has been constantly dinged up since coming into the league. He has always been dealing with some injury or another since his rookie year training camp. Mathews entered training camp in 2012 completely healthy and in great shape only to get into a car accident the past week and is now nursing a sore elbow. My advice to Chris? Go to San Diego and be this guy's personal driver and whatever else it takes to keep him on the field every week. With Mike Tolbert moving on, Mathews could potentially have a monster season.

Player to Watch

More like Draft Pick to watch. Chris holds the much coveted #7 pick in the upcoming draft, right around 7 and 8 the second tier of talent is drying up. Chris will likely be making a tough decision, does he take one of the last elite WRs or does he reach for a RB like Ronnie Hillman? Perhaps Chris decides he needs a proven veteran and drafts Randy Moss to make 2012 the year he makes a run at a title.


Eli Manning, Ryan Mathews, Stevie Johnson, AJ Green, Leonard Hankerson, Draft Pick, Robbie Gould, Malcom Floyd


Every now and then everything comes together for one of Chris' teams and this feels like its one of those years. I think Manning, Mathews and Green all have monster years, Chris nails his #7 pick and the Big Boys hold off the Mallards and Dragons to win the division title. I could see all three teams topping 8 wins and one being left out of the playoffs.


10-3; 635 Points; 1st Place NFC East