2011 Post Mock Draft

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

October 05, 2011

Since the NFL offseason helped us learn nothing and now that we are at the quarter-pole of the 2011 season I think we have finally learned enough about the rookies to actually hold our draft. So instead of waiting several years before looking back and evaluating the 2011 Draft, I think it is time to do a post draft mock draft.

Cam Newton Haha! Culpepper 2.0 says the joke's on us

#1 Apple Eaters: A.J. Green

A.J. Green has been terrific thus far, scoring 20 points playing along side another rookie in Andy Dalton. I thought coming into the draft that Green would be a really good player, but that we weren't likely to see more than a few flashes of brilliance during this first year. Green seems like a lock for 50-60 points as a rookie wide receiver, which is very impressive.

#2 Mexican Humping Beans: Cam Newton

The Beans are still lacking a franchise QB and looking back they should have grabbed Cam Newton. Newton has been better than advertised and has taken the league by storm. He was supposed to have the longest learning curve of any rookie QB and was stuck on a terrible team, but it doesn't seem to be holding him back any.

#3 Big Boys: Julio Jones

The Big Boys would still take a WR if we did the draft over. Julio Jones has been very good and has really come on strong the last two weeks going over 100 yards both times. The touchdowns are going to start coming as Atlanta starts to work the kinks out in their offense. Jones has proved he would still be a top 3 pick.

#4 Fightin' Mallards: Mark Ingram

Ingram is off to a slow start in his rookie season due to an overcrowding issue in the Saints backfield. Ingram has looked good when he gets some carries but he is going to need to start getting 20 touches a game as opposed to the 10 a game he is getting before he really begins to contribute to a fantasy lineup.

#5 Apple Eaters: Stevan Ridley

The Eaters jump all over the Patriots preseason star and emerging regular season talent. Ridley has been improving week to week and may be on the cusp of becoming the lead back in the Patriots committee attack.

Daniel Thomas The "Rotoworld effect" saw Thomas' draft stock drop

#6 Bear Poop: Daniel Thomas

The Poop are desperate for a RB to insert into their starting lineup seeing as they have been starting DeMarco Murray most of the season. Apparently all preseason we were being lied to about Thomas and he actually is going to succeed in the NFL; he won't be dropping into the teens this time around.

#7 High 5'n White Guys: Blaine Gabbert

It was surprising when Aceto grabbed Gabbert on draft night for two reasons: First because he was actually in attendance and there was no drama in tracking him down, second because he already had Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez. The White Guys appeared to have a bigger need at RB but after watching the way these QBs have played the first month of the season, perhaps Aceto was wise to grab another QB and let all of them battle it out. Gabbert hasn't shown much yet, but we'll see how he improves over the course of the year before having a final judgment on him.

#8 Burger Buddies: Denarius Moore

Moore has been sensational so far in the regular season, building on a training camp full of highlights. He has scored 26 points already, causing everyone to wonder why they didn't pull the trigger when they had the chance. I think the Raiders stigma more than likely caused Moore's draft day free fall.

#9 Ludke's Merry Men: Kendall Hunter

Hunter was electric in the preseason and he continued to flash big play making ability in the regular season. Gore might have the big new contract in San Francisco, but he gets dinged up so much that Hunter just might Wally Pipp him. The Merry Men haven't gotten much from their RB2 spot so this would be a good fit.

Mike Shanahan I'm giving 25 carries to Ricky Ervins next week - game plan against that!

#10 UCornn Huskers: Torrey Smith

Kevin has been lamenting the Jacoby Ford pick all season long. He just keeps getting burned by these Raider first round draft picks he makes. Watching Smith play his first NFL game and catching 3 TDs on his first 3 catches had to be making him sick to his stomach knowing that he could have had the Flacco to Smith connection going.

#11 Hoochie Llamas: Roy Helu

The Llamas are desperate for RB help and we all know Gibby loves any player whose roster listing is followed by these three letters: "WAS". Helu has looked terrific when given carries but he is stuck in a change of pace role for now. With Shanahan showing his trademark indecisiveness on who gets to be the bell cow, Helu's turn may be coming.

#12 Snapdragons: Randall Cobb

Cobb has been sensational when he gets playing time in 2011. He started off with two highlight TDs in the opener but he has had trouble garnering many snaps at WR due to the logjam in front of him. Cobb will likely work his way up to the WR3 spot on the Packers by season's end and possibly be a WR2 in 2012. Cobb would be a perfect fit on a team with aging wide receivers and would be paired up with his QB Aaron Rodgers.

#13 Cuban Refugees: Greg Little

Looks like we get another QB and WR pairing in real life and in the YFFL. Little hasn't done too much as of yet, but he is showing improvement each week and as he learns the playbook he should regularly flirt with 100 yards receiving each week with some TDs sprinkled in.

Ron Jaworski "Everyone knows that in the Yarmouth Fantasy Football League, production is the key to winning"

#14 Ludke's Merry Men: Titus Young

Burleson isn't getting the job done and I love owning players from the NFC North, especially Lions. Young has shown an ability to stretch the field along with the skills to over celebrate every first down he gets.'re down 20, it was only a 10 yard catch, lets chill out a little there buddy, ok? He still drops way too many balls, but the future looks promising.

#15 Chunky Chickens: Eric Decker

Decker has been playing out of his mind so far in 2011, already racking up 38 points. He would be a perfect fit for a Chickens lineup that is struggling to score points. Can he keep it up? Possibly. With the production he has had the first 4 games he deserves to be a first round draft pick.

#16 Bear Poop: Andy Dalton

Dalton has been solid so far for the Bengals and has exceeded everyone expectations. Dalton would be a solid BYE week replacement for Brady, who is in the mist of another monster season. Is it me or is Brady the new Peyton Manning as far as delivering 7-6 or 6-7 seasons... The Poop should probably consider some other options here other than back up QB as their RB/WR, RB, and UT spots have combined for 2 total points in 4 games in 2011.