Gibbons Set to Rejoin YFFL as Hoochie Llama Assistant GM

Kevin Sansone, Senior Stat Boy

October 15, 2009

Ryan Gibbons Gibbons brings the intensity of a spurned owner 16 years in the making to the Llamas

Former (one week) YFFL owner Ryan Gibbons has been hired by Kevin Sansone to act as Assistant General Manager of the Hoochie Llamas for the remainder of the 2009 season. Gibbons would then be set to move into the front office in 2010 as General Manager of the 2-time defending AFC East champions.

"At this time I will still be making most day-to-day decisions regarding the Hoochie Llamas," Sansone said in a prepared statement, "But Ryan will be providing his insight and advice on all aspects of the Llama operations including lineups, trades and waiver wire transactions."

This announcement comes as no surprise as Sansone has recently shifted his focus to rebuilding the UCornn Huskers--and to a new baby due in April. "2010 should be a great year for both the YFFL and the Sansones. It's all very exciting."

Meanwhile, Ryan Gibbons should have a tough task facing him with the Llamas as years of success and no top 10 picks have left the RB corps depleted and weathered. whether Gibbons can handle a dynasty league remains to be seen.

"I look forward to managing the Llamas if I can get through Kev's 42-step interview process," Gibbons told reporters. "Writing a 1-page essay on Ramses Barden's value in the YFFL was tricky, but in the end my 'he has no value' defense proved correct."