2008 NFC East Preview

Bobby Sansone, Senior Writer

August 28, 2008

Thanks to the White Guys' improbable Super Bowl championship, the NFC East is no longer the YFFL's forgotten division. Aceto has established the blueprint for building a Super Bowl Championship team, but another team in the NFC East has already laid the foundation for 2008.

PLEASE NOTE: This article was written prior to the 2008 YFFL Draft

Team Capsules

Fightin' Mallards

The Mallards' slow start in 2007 was too much to overcome as they fell one game short of their first ever post-season appearance. Team Owner Steve Dugas, once the premiere owner of the league, has second-guessed himself in recent years, drafted erratically, and been slow on the waiver wire. Dugas hired a strength coach in the off-season and has been working out steadily in hopes it improves his fantasy tenacity. The Mallards will need Dugas to return to his former self if Super Bowl aspirations are on the agenda in 2008. The Mallards most resemble the 2007 White Guys, led by a strong passing game, a stud RB in Steven Jackson and steady WRs in Colston and Johnson. Aceto has proven you can get by with a mediocre TE and kicking game and other owners have taken notice. Expect Dugas to draft someone who can contribute this year, use the waiver wire wisely and lead the Mallards to their first Super Bowl Championship.

Projected Record: 10-3

High 5'n White Guys

The drafting of Adrian Peterson and the waiver wire acquisition of Derek Anderson has ensured that the White Guys will be competitive for the next 35 years. Now it's up to Aceto to build on these cornerstones. Larry Fitzgerald and Fred Taylor will continue to contribute but there's a huge drop-off in talent after that. Leinart may not even cut it as a backup QB, meaning Aceto might have to draft a QB early. Look for the White Guys to hover around .500 for most of the season before challenging the Beans and Huskers for the NFC Wild Card.

Projected Record: 7-6


The Snapdragons are in the precarious position of figuring out if they are talented enough to compete for the Super Bowl or if this will be another rebuilding year. If the Dragons stumble out of the gate, Brett Favre could become an attractive trade option. Frank Gore is a great RB on a horrible team. Anthony Gonzalex and Wes Welker should be the WR corps for years to come, which will allow Jon to target a RB to complement Gore in the draft. Kinsman will anxiously wait to see if Mendenhall falls to the sixth spot. If Jon can grab a RB that contributes this season, .500 is a realistic possibility.

Projected Record: 5-8

Big Boys

Chris Davidson and the Big Boys need help at many positions and it may be his best move to trade down from the 5th spot and pick-up some extra draft picks. Davidson's failure to return trade offer e-mails has rubbed several owners the wrong way and may dissuade owners from seeking trades in the future. The Boys will try to build around Manning and Wayne but the talent is too thin elsewhere for the Boys to compete. Shockey could be rejuvenated in New Orleans and Thomas Jones should rebound from a low-production 2007 season, but it still won't be enough.

Projected Record: 4-9

Preseason Superlatives

Division MVP

Adrian Peterson, White Guys

No surprise here. Peterson is head and shoulders above the rest of the talent in the NFC East and will keep the White Guys competitive for years to come. Speaking of years to come, will we be talking about Dugas' decision to draft Calvin Johnson over Adrian Peterson ten years from now?

Most Underrated

Josh Brown, Mallards

Josh Brown has scored 86 points or more in each of the last five seasons. In comparison, Steven Jackson hasn't even topped the magic number for fantasy RBs, 80 points, in any of his four seasons. Brown is the new standard for fantasy kicking consistency, taking the title from Adam Vinatieri. Look for Brown to continue his success with the Rams in '08.

Most Overrated

Frank Gore, Dragons

Gore scored 5 points or more in only 3 games last season and undermined Jon's attempt to compete for the division title. Gore's value is undoubtedly hurt by the lackluster 49er offense. Look for Gore to be guaranteeing "2 points or less" again in 2008.

Breakthrough Player

Ted Ginn Jr, Mallards

Ginn just edges out his teammate Calvin Johnson and the Boys' Thomas Jones here. Ginn will benefit immensely from the accurate arm of Chad Pennington and do his work with yards after the catch. Expect Ginn to also return 24 kicks for TD, end up with 50 points on the season and anchor the Mallards Super Bowl run at the UT position.

All Division Team

QBBen RoethlisbergerMallards
RBAdrian PetersonWhite Guys
RBStephen JacksonMallards
WRLarry FitzgeraldWhite Guys
WRReggie WayneBoys
TEJeremy ShockeyBoys
KJosh BrownMallards
UTMarques ColstonMallards