YFFL Role Play!

Nick Wood & Bobby Sansone, Pardon the Impersonation

November 29, 2007

After coming over from the North Yarmouth Fantasy Football newsroom, new YFFL field reporter Nick Wood sits down with senior writer Bobby Sansone for a role play session. No, this is not a Lynn Erkkinen drama class, but an in-depth look at what it is like to be in the other owner's shoes both on and off the field, whether Bobby and Nick like it or not.

Chris Davidson

Nick: Bobby, you're Chris Davidson:

  • IF the Eaters end up facing the Bear in the first round and with you being a Pats fan, are you going to be rooting against your Patriots when they have the potential for an undefeated season in order for your Eaters to come out victorious?
  • What has caused you to be more active in the forum this year versus past years?
  • Any truth to the rumor that you'll be walking away from the YFFL if your Eaters win it all this year?

Bobby: I'm Chris Davidson the most mysterious owner in the league. I love drafting tight ends way too early and I love trading stud QBs to my inter-division rivals, but the league loves me because I'm so mysterious. There is no truth to the rumor that Jon told me to step up my efforts after three disappointing season a few years back. The Joe Paterno comparisons were funny but they inspired me to reinvent myself in this league. Look, I know I've got the second or third best team in this league and I know that all three of those teams are in the AFC. I'm praying that I get Marvin Harrison back and I'm hoping no one has noticed that I have absolutely no depth which is why I have to start Chris Brown every week. Brian starts Ron Dayne and Kevin starts Jay Feeley so we all have glaring weaknesses. Why did Brian trade for Julius Jones and not Earnest Graham anyway? If the Eaters win it all this year I will not be walking away from the YFFL. I would love to get my good friend and roommate Kurt Willette involved though...

Bobby: Nick, you're Anthony Aceto:

  • Word on the street is that you tend to black out when you drink and then make bad decisions - does this ever interfere with your lineup decisions on Sundays?
  • Will the White Guys make a legitimate run at a title without their star rookie Adrian Peterson? Even if he does play, he'll likely split time, do you have a shot?
  • Any truth to the rumor that you may be cashing in your chips and proposing to your longtime girlfriend?

Nick: I'm Tony F'in Aceto arlright?!?! I've got one title hanging from my bedroom wall and the White Guys have put me in a place to hang a second consecutive banner. So what if I distanced myself from the league for a few years a while back? I was in college, which is why I still enjoy a cocktail or three every now and again, but that is the norm living in NYC with a Pierce brother. I've been able to avoid making a bad decision about my lineups by trying to get them in early enough in the week. I don't think stealing a "Wet Floor" sign at Bowdoin had any impact on my teams in the past, because I had a lack of talent on my squad back then.

I'm not saying I'll start him too early, but Adrian Peterson could be in the lineup as early as this weekend. If he is good to go, he'll be there and ready to help me secure that precious first round bye. Having to rely on a guy named DeShaun and a guy named Roddy to put up the points has been difficult.

This is not the first time I've heard that statement made in recent memory with regards to getting married. Betsy is a great girl, a definite keeper, but being at Nick Rich's engagement party made me realize that I'm not quite ready to throw in the towel. Plus, I already know that whenever I do take that plunge, Mike's got Platinum Plus and an Asian massage parlor on speed dial for the bachelor party.

Jon Kinsman

Nick: Bobby, you're Jon Kinsman:

  • Do you think you deserve the Owner of the Year for what you've done with the Dragons this year?
  • Is Mike's decision to add Nick Wood to the Chickens staff going to be good or bad for the league in years to come?
  • Any truth to the rumor that you'll name your first born child after a player on one of your fantasy teams?

Bobby: I'm a pretty humble guy, so humble that I didn't put either of my teams on the front page of all year long. So, I'm going to say "No" I don't deserve Owner of the Year just because I screwed up royally by putting David Gerrard on the IR. Owner of the Year could be interesting this year though. It could come down to Brian Davidson and Kevin Sansone, the league's version of Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag. If I have a son, I don't think we'll name him "Brett", "Frank", "Wes" or "Hines". Maybe "William" though which is sort of like "Willis". Did anyone notice how the baby will be born in the month the furthest away from any point in the YFFL season, April? Coincidence? I think my decision to allow Nick into the league will begin a domino effect. Sometime down the line I think Brian will give one of his teams to longtime pal Kris Bean and I think Chris will do the same with Kurt Willette. Then it should be interesting to see how things go from there.

Brian Davidson

Bobby: Nick, you're Brian Davidson:

  • You are in control of the high powered, Brady-run offense that is the Bear &%&$. Are you upset that you'll most likely be facing your brother and fellow-top scoring team in the league in the first round?
  • Will this match-up create tension between the two of you?
  • Who is the better Beirut player? You or Chris?

Nick: Here I am, the most respected owner in the league, outside of Jonny K. So what if I never respond to trade offers sent via email? No one sends anything to talk about anyways. With regards to the playoff picture in the AFC, of course I'm upset, Kev's Llamas have had a much easier road to where they are now. Plus, I've beaten him BOTH times we've played this year. In my opinion, if Chris and I match up in the first round, it is the "real" conference championship because the winner will be in the Super Bowl.

Is there tension between Chris and I? Naaah, see Chris and I are both competitive with one another. Woody's already got on my nerves a little bit, but I'll put him in his place if the Chickens make it. Chris and I won't cut each other any slack and will be rooting against each other if we match up, but the loser will be rooting for the winner in the Conference Championship the following week.

As far as Beirut goes, there is no question I am the better player of the two. Chris just picked the sport up a few years ago. Plus, he's in his 30's now, so he's past his prime. I'm still in my late 20's and my game never gets rusty. I'm not quite to the point of Dugas, where I set up cups and practice by myself with water to hold onto the glory of past championships, but I still have the ability to turn it on when I need to.

Steve Dugas

Nick: Bobby, you're Steve Dugas:

  • What will you do with your time if neither team makes the playoffs?
  • Word outside of the YFFL is that you have had a very successful run as an owner in Estabrook's league. How come your success outside of the league does not rub off on you with your teams here in the YFFL?
  • Any truth to the rumor that you're still afraid to post on the forum for fear of a negative response from either Mike or Aceto?

Bobby: I can't blame anyone but myself. I've been a below-average owner two years in a row now. I left waiver wire moves unused and I waited too long to trade Shaun Alexander, Jon Kitna and Rudi Johnson and now no one will take them. Why do I get so attached to players? Why can't I part ways before it's too late? Look at me, I'm a wreck. I can't even bring myself to write the YFFL recaps! I am going to re-dedicate myself to fantasy football in the off-season starting by preparing for the draft the day after Christmas. I can dominate Estabrook's league because no one in that league knows how to draft but no one makes mistakes in the YFFL draft. My 2006 draft mistakes are going to set my franchises back at least 3 years, maybe more. My 2007 draft hasn't turned out the way I expected but I'm still optimistic. But I'm still Steve Dugas, right? No one studies fantasy football more than me, right? No one else has a fantasy football mag hidden underneath the mattress for those "lonely" nights, right? You all can share Jenna Jameson and I'll take Ted Ginn Jr all to myself.

Bobby Sansone

Bobby: Nick, you're Bobby Sansone:

  • Will the Beans go any further than just securing a playoff spot? Are they a true title contender?
  • Who joins you in the playoffs with a win this weekend from the NFC West? Huskers or Chickens?
  • Any truth to the rumor that your "girlfriend" Marcy would come into town to celebrate if the Beans win the Super Bowl?

Nick: I'm Bobby Sansone, the catalyst behind most of the Steve bashings in the league, but I'm able to create that tension without doing anything myself. Sure, I'll steal a chip or two from Steve's goodie cabinet and put my feet up on his coffee table on Sundays to get him riled up, but I try to help Mike out by giving him as much ammo as possible and then I write about it later on in the season to rub it in. Yes, the Beans are a title contender. Not saying that I would not really appreciate a White Guys loss this weekend so I could secure the bye. As far as "who" I think will win, the Chickens look hard to beat right now. As far as "who" I will be cheering for, I'll be rooting for the Huskers to win this weekend because, like Kev's infatuation for apples, but distaste for apple products themselves, I'm good friends with Nick, but I hate seeing him win at any fantasy or real sports competitions. What's with the quotations around "girlfriend"? Marcy is my girlfriend and YES I would expect her to come up to Maine to celebrate the Beans raising the championship banner if I'm fortunate enough to get there.

Mike Kinsman

Nick: Bobby, you're Mike Kinsman:

  • What is the one thing you need to add to the Buddies to make them a playoff team next season?
  • Having given up control of the Chickens to new GM Nick Wood, are you happy with your decision so far? Are you putting any added pressure on him to win this week to make the playoffs?
  • Why is Steve afraid to comment on the forum? Is he more afraid of what you're going to say or does he just have nothing to say?

Bobby: The Buddies will be back. Hasselbeck, LJ, Roy Williams, Moss, and Santonio Holmes are here to stay. I've had this league wrapped around my finger for about 5 years now and it's starting to bore me. I might just trade my entire team for the rights to Steve Dugas' login name and password to the YFFL forum. Nick has been OK so far but he hasn't fixed my biggest problem with the Chickens...picking the right QB to start! Vince Young last week?!?!? I should have put him on the IR as soon as I found out he was on the cover of Madden. But the Chickens are still the best team in the NFC and we're going to march over Aceto and those lucky White Guys. Too bad about those Mallards though. If I couldn't put him in his place in the forum this year I was looking forward to doing it on the virtual playing field.

Kevin Sansone

Bobby: Nick, you're Kevin Sansone:

  • How important is it for you to lock up the first round bye for the Llamas?
  • Are the Llamas in a position where they HAVE to win it all this year after giving up two years of first round draft picks to get where they are today?
  • Which team of yours is Annie's favorite? Is it true that you're going to be forced to sleep on the couch if the Huskers lose to the Chickens and fail to make the playoffs?

Nick: Being the most dedicated fantasy sports player AFTER Steve is something I take pride in. Let's be serious, I'm not THAT obsessed. But, I am letting this whole "Must Win THIS Week" for both of my teams thing get to me, and Annie sees it first hand. I've already forgotten to take the trash out on trash day for crying out loud. Having the bye with the Llamas is as important as me remembering flowers for my wife for our wedding anniversary. Just like I don't want to have Annie upset with me for not remembering, I don't want to match up with either the Bear or the Eaters before I have to. That's why I did what I could with the trades in the off-season to attain that bye. Annie's favorite team is the UCornn Huskers, she thinks it was very creative of me to think of that name because it makes a connection to a school that we both went to and it is a funny play on words (she thinks I'm very funny). Also, she thinks that the term Hoochie is bad to associate with anything, especially something as important as the YFFL. It is a good thing that she does not know that Mike gave me his password to the website or I'd be in big trouble. As far as having to be forced to sleep on the couch if the Huskers lose this weekend, who says that's a punishment?

Nick Wood

Nick: Bobby, you're Nick Wood:

  • Word on the street is that you're seriously considering giving Rivers another chance at glory this weekend in the do-or-die game with the Huskers. Are you confident with this decision? Rivers has had terrible weeks following solid weeks in the past this season and you've not had great luck choosing a QB so far in your first four games...
  • Looking forward, who do you think you and the Chickens will have the closest rivalry with?
  • Do you believe the whole "this team was served to you with a silver spoon" thing will hang over your head for seasons to come?

Bobby: Well, I'm off to an OK start. Yes, I've been winning but I've left about 50 points off the scoreboard by not getting a single point out of the QB position the last three weeks. I guess it will be Rivers this week even though I hate relying on three Chargers. I wish I had Drew Brees right about now. Nevertheless, this really isn't my team yet so I won't take all the credit if the Chickens are to hoist the championship this year but I'll put my stamp on this team and this league soon enough. I know it will take time for me to earn respect from the other owners in the league, especially Brian Davidson, but I'm here to stay so get used to me. I'm going to trade one of my QBs in the off-season for some depth at RB and WR and I've been trying hard to deal Jason Witten. My guess is he will be a Mallard next year and Ted Ginn Jr will be a Chicken. I'm looking for a solid rivalry and one might be budding with Brian Davidson and the Bear. What a Super Bowl that would be!