Kinsman on Verge of YFFL Immortality

Bobby Sansone, Senior Writer

December 22, 2006

Donovan McNabb
Injuries and age are starting to catch up with the Chickens

Aside from Championships and Owner of the Year awards, there are three immortal achievements in the YFFL today. One is getting both your teams to the Super Bowl in the same year. The second is winning the Super Bowl and Owner of the Year in the same season. The third is winning back to back Super Bowls with each team. With a win this weekend Mike will accomplish two of those three and complete perhaps the greatest season in YFFL history.

While Anthony is playing the "I'm just happy to be here card", Mike is feeling the pressure to win now or else. The Chickens have been the league's most prolific scoring team by a wide margin for most of this decade but have yet to cash in on a single Super Bowl Championship. With an aging team and a future in doubt, could it be a "now or never" mentality for the Chickens?

While the Chickens' nucleus of L.T., Gates and Brees will likely remain intact, the rest of the Chickens' coop future is a mystery. McNabb, T.O., Lewis, Rivers, Whitten and Joe Horn will likely be on the trading block this off-season as Mike desperately needs a youth movement. As one anonymous owner pointed out, the Chickens were an L.T. knee injury away from being 4-9.

Mike's fantasy football prowess relies on being able to talk trash to anyone in the forum. He is king of the YFFL and will be for years to come if all goes right this weekend. But will Kinsman have an Achilles heel if the almighty Chickens can't win that elusive title? Mike will be the first to admit that he still sleeps uneasy after his Super Bowl loss two years ago to Steve. It was arguably the greatest game in YFFL history but Mike would just be happy forgetting about it. There's no asterisk next to the Merry Men's Championship season but pundits would tell you there should be. T.0.'s absence was the difference in that game and Mike hasn't forgotten.

Mike Kinsman
Mike comes to an agreement with Vince Young's agent on draft day

Say what you want to say about the league's most controversial owner. You either love 'em or hate 'em. There's no inbetween. Steve Dugas hasn't recovered from the verbal abuse he took all season long in the forum from Mike while Brian Davidson was on cloud nine following a virtual pep-talk from Mike in the same forum. Mike does what he wants and his unorthodox style of managing won't make him many friends, but it's working in the win column. He drafts QBs even if he already has four on his roster. He'll sit Torry Holt and Roy Williams in a critical game and play Santonio Holmes and Randy Moss instead. While you can argue his logic, you can't argue his 19-7 record, his three consecutive years in the Super Bowl and his three Owner of the Year Awards in the past six years.

When the dust has settled come Christmas night, Mike will end up at either end of the fantasy spectrum. A win will place him in immortality next to the likes of Lombardi and Auerbach. However, a loss will have him hiding in his mom's attic with Scott Norwood and Ray Finkle. If you think Mike isn't nervous, think again.