YFFL Mailbag - October 2006

Bobby Sansone, Senior Writer

October 21, 2006

We get lots of e-mail here at and while we can't answer everyone, senior writer Bobby Sansone took some time out to answer a few of the league's biggest fans...

Brock Forsey
When you think of the AFC West, you can't help but think of
"Brock N Roll"

How important is this 3-week stretch for the AFC East?

Chris C., Yarmouth, ME

BS: Critically important. The AFC East hasn't been competitive in years and owners are starting to warm up to the idea of realignment if the East can't compete again this year. The West is already off to a 3-1 start against the East and carries an 81 point lead in the perhaps the most indicative statistical category of how lopsided the divisions have been in recent years: point differential.

It has long been rumored that I'm preparing to make a proposal to the commissioner to switch divisions at the season's end. I can confirm those rumors are true barring something happens that proves to me the AFC East can hang with the AFC West this season. The Refugees turn around is certainly a step in the right direction.

People ask me, "won't I miss the rivalries with Steve, Mike and Chris?" Yes and no. The AFC West clearly has more history than any other division (Brock Forsey immediately comes to mind) but it's disheartening knowing that a deserving team has been left out of the playoffs each of the past four years while a less deserving team from the AFC East has made it instead. The way I see it is there are only two logical solutions. One being, realignment and the other being allow a second wild card team from each division into the playoffs. We'll have to see how the next three weeks play out but it could be an interesting winter meeting this year.

Is there really any truth to Tiki Barber retiring from the YFFL at season's end?

PJ M., Patterson, NJ

BS: Don't buy Brandon Jacobs stock just yet folks. I'm not falling for this at all. This is clearly a publicity tactic to draw attention to his new book that is coming out later this week. But if this is true, boy does it make the Dragons look old! Favre, Barber, Moulds and 42-year-old Rod Smith all could potentially retire this off-season. Speaking of the Dragons, a few weeks ago this team looked unstoppable in the NFC East. Following a loss, a one-point win and another loss, the Dragons sure look vulnerable. I'm actually leaning towards the Big Boys to win this division.

What did you make of the whooping Mike put on you last weekend?

Diana A., San Francisco, CA

BS: Mike needed those wins bad and his guys came through for him when he needed them most. A Chickens loss would have all but given the NFC West to the Beans while a Buddies loss would mean they'd be bunched in the competitive AFC West for the long haul. Make no mistake, Mike has been one surly owner this year but you got the sense that his appearance on the "hot seat" has changed his attitude. He's got that "Tony Montoya" look in his eyes where you know he's thinking nothing can stop him.

I think the Refugees are the only team that has a realistic shot at preventing an All-Mike Super Bowl. The Beans could factor into the equation too but I have my doubts about Bledsoe.

Mike team's, especially the Chickens, do have glaring weaknesses though. Mediocre kicking, lack of depth at RB and WR could cause problems if injuries arise. The Buddies seem a little more solid but I still have my doubts about Vick making it through this entire season.

Tony Romo
Was this the low point
of the YFFL season?

Has the Dugas-Mike feud reached new highs, or should I say, lows?

Pam D., Yarmouth, ME

BS: Yes! I need to update my list of the YFFL's best rivalries which I believe I unveiled last year. Steve and Mike apparently are not talking to each other after Mike's questionable email cut & paste tactics on the "hot seat" two weeks ago. Mike continues to attack the Mallards while Steve is now refusing to discuss anything pertaining to Mike. And you know what, I don't even think this feud has reached it's boiling point yet! Why aren't the Buddies and Mallards playing each other during Rivalry Week?!?!

What did you make of the Apple Eaters Week 5 starting QB?

Mel R., Los Angeles, CA

BS: Ugh. Thanks for reminding me of the league's lowest moment in 2006 since five owners played themselves in Week 2. Tony freakin' Romo. Chris just lost any Owner of the Year votes he may have gotten if the Boys make the playoffs and the Eaters are respectable. What makes the decision even more frustrating is that the Eaters would have BEAT the Buddies if he has signed Bruce Gradkowski and started Alex "no the other one" Smith over an inactive Chris "no the other one" Brown. I could tear Chris apart right now like I tore Steve apart last year following his decision to start Chris Simms, but I won't. I hold Steve to a higher standard.