Sea Dog Old Gollywobbler Brown Ale Hot Seat: Jon Kinsman

Kevin Sansone, Senior Stat Boy

September 28, 2006

Sea Dog Old Gollywobbler Brown Ale Hot Seat

Kevin: Jon Kinsman, You are now on the The Sea Dog Old Gollywobbler Brown Ale Hot Seat

Jon: Glad to be here

How 'bout them figworts!

Kevin: According to Webster’s, a Snapdragon is any plant belonging to the genus Antirrhinum, of the figwort family whose flower resembles the mouth of a dragon. Did you seriously name your YFFL team after a flower?

Jon: I don't know what the hell I was thinking. It sounded tough back in 1993. I'd like to think it at least makes my family proud.

Kevin: Another team name question…Please rank these names from most offensive to least offensive: Oriental Chimpanzees, Midnight Express, Gorilla Gooks, Asian Orangutans.

Jon: 1. Midnight Express (so lame it's offensive)
2. Gorilla Gooks
3. Oriental Chimpanzees (only rugs and food are Oriental)
4. Asian Orangutans (the missing g offends me though)

Kevin: This past week you traded kicker Olindo Mare for kicker Sebastian Janikowski. Was this the first trade in YFFL history involving two kickers?

Jon: Wow, it could have been. I think I traded Mike Vanderjagt for a 1st round pick one time though, so I'm notoriously crazy when it comes to kicker related trades.

Kevin: What do you put more thought into...preparing something special for your wedding anniversary, or preparing for the YFFL Draft?

Jon: The Draft. You can't volunteer to do the dishes and get Michael Westbrook off your back.

Kevin: Good to know. That was more of a question for me than for my readers

Chris Henry

Kevin: What would surprise you less: A winning season from the ‘Tangs in 2006 or another Chris Henry arrest?

Jon: Considering he was found vomiting out of the window of a stopped car this week, I'm going with Chris Henry on this one. At least I think so...frankly I'm having a tough time figuring out what "surprise you less" means. Who talks like that?

Kevin: Apparently hooked on phonics did not work for me

Kevin: I’d like you to take a look at Lawrence Tynes’ photo for a moment... What do you think he is thinking about?

Jon: Which is worse, being a kicker named Lawrence or his hair cut.

Kevin: In 2003, the Dragons selected WR Jason McAddley with the 26th pick in the draft; two spots ahead of Anquan Boldin. My two part question is: Who the hell is Jason McAddley and what NFL team did he play for?

Jon: Ironically, he was also on the Cardinals at the time. I think he was slated to be the 2nd receiver. That pick is right up there with Greg Clark, Westbrook and Troy Davis. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Like maybe Peyton Manning's team, maybe...

Kevin: I have a question sent in by a fan: Why did you trade Peyton Manning? Don’t you like 6-5, 230 quarterbacks with laser rocket arms?

Jon: I'll let the internet answer this one for me.

Kevin: If you had to choose someone to host a YFFL Highlights show on PBS, who would it be?

Jon: Ray Liotta. He's this generation's next great narrator. People will one day speak of him as we do of James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman and Daniel Stern.

Mallards, Orangutans, or Alexa?

Kevin: Finally, I have a continuation of a question from last week: What is the most difficult challenge for Bob Sansone (Sr.)? Winning with the Mallards, rebuilding the Orangutans, or raising Alexa Sansone?

Jon: Rebuilding the Orangutangs will be tough. At this point, I'd be excited if one of my running backs got me 2 points. It's also difficult to accomplish anything with a trade when you don't have any players with any sort of market value. With that said, everyone still has a spleen. Mallards.

Kevin: Jon Kinsman, you are off The Sea Dog Old Gollywobbler Brown Ale Hot Seat

Jon: Booyah.