Dec 04, 2012 8:55am Nick Wood

Wild Card Weekend!

Poop vs. Tangs!
Chickens vs. Beans!

In the AFC game, will either team talk some smack during the week leading up to the game? Or will this be the neighborly far-to-good natured: "Hey Bri, I wish you luck this week, you've really had a nice season" "No,no,no, Jonny, I wish YOU MORE luck this week, you really have done a high quality job turning the Tangs season around." "No, seriously Bri, I wish YOU even more luck, I'm happy to see your difficult offseason decision (to not trade a QB) pay off."

In the NFC game, we know how this near-sibling rivalry will go about: Bobby will play his typical Oakwoods Baseball-like underdog role and we'll likely hear many: "This team is just happy to be here, can you believe the turnaround we've had? This is the Chickens game to lose, but as long as we make it a good game for the fans, we'll be excited for the future. Who knows, perhaps we'll pull off what would be the biggest upset in the 20 years of the league this weekend? I mean, this will be as monumental as the Jets upsetting the Patriots in the 2010 Divisional Playoffs!"

Wild Card Week is HERE!

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