Oct 16, 2009 11:51am Nick Wood

Nick's Picks - Week 6

Right now, there are only two teams that appear destined for a playoff spot, the rest is up in the air but will likely become a little clearer in the next couple of weeks. The parity in the league has made picking these games even more difficult, but more enjoyable. I can’t say that enough. I was only .500 with my calls this past week, but I look to improve on that and bring my season record over .500.

This week has already had its fair share of exciting news and the games have not even kicked off yet:
Kevin Sansone, owner of the Llamas and Huskers, had two exciting announcements, the question is which one in his mind is more important? Turning the reigns of a very successful franchise over to “Assistant to the GM” Ryan Gibbons or announcing to the world via a Facebook post that he will soon be a new father? I’m not going out on a limb when I think it has to be his announcement to soon become a dad, but given his reluctance to give full General Manager control over the Llamas to Ryan from day one, that might not be as clear…
I’ll take a look into what I believe will happen in week 6 below:

Game 1: Dragons vs. Boys
Pick: BOYS
Comment: This is going to be a nail biter and potentially is the game that puts that nail in the Dragons coffin for the 2009 season. The Boys have the more consistent scorers this week with their RBs and the QB positions are basically a wash. IF the Dragons are to have a chance to pull this one out and perhaps start a turnaround, Forte is going to have to return to form and put up a monster week. Mike Bell is likely to get only a handful of carries as long as Pierre Thomas is healthy. The Boys look to return to form after a disappointing week 5 performance following Chris’ forum rant. He should have been keeping his team motivated by screaming out “How bout dem Big Boys!” instead of complaining about the Thugs Curt Schilling like media whore tag.

Game 2: Eaters vs. Buddies
Comment: The Eaters, a once proud franchise, is now on a quick decline. My how things have changed so fast. Even with Manning on a bye, the Buddies should survive this one as Hasselbeck is looking good when he’s not hurt. Brian Westbrook is in the same situation as LT2 right now, needing to show people that they still belong in YFFL lineups.

Game 3: Refugees vs. Tangs
Comment: Willis McGahee’s resurgence may be running out of gas quickly. Ray Rice appears to be the go-to man in Baltimore now. Unless of course they can get a couple goal line opportunities for Willis, he’s likely to be held in check. Jonathan Stewart, the jury is still out on his value in this league and he may begin to get more chances to show his future value as DeAngelo continues to come back to earth from his monumental 2008 campaign. The Refugees have the most feared RB combo in the league with MJD and Chris Johnson, but need some help at the other positions to prove that they are a title contending team. We all know that Jason Campbell can’t bring another championship banner to Aceto’s B of A office wall. Hasselbeck, McNabb, or Warner might really make this team formidable, but is Aceto willing to pay the price? We’ll see in the coming weeks, for now, he’s got enough to survive a Tang attack.

Game 4: White Guys vs. Mallards
Comment: The Mallard train has finally gotten back on the right track. Rumors were swirling that Steve was seen out on the dance floor doing the limbo and talking smack about it to the mostly over 65 crowd on his honeymoon cruise following the Mallards week 5 performance. He also was overheard discussing the benefits of traveling with seniors, saying “this is great, we get the senior discount on meals we eat when we’re off of the boat. AND, I don’t look strange going to bed at 8:15pm on this boat, everyone else is doing the same!” Look for more limbo trash talk to commence following week 6…

Game 5: Thugs vs. Merry Men
Comment: This team, each week, looks stronger and stronger. Bradshaw is emerging as a top notch runningback, but for this team to become the serious front runner for the title in 2009, the play of DeAngelo Williams has to improve significantly. The Merry Men continue their doormat ways this week, there’s not much more to say about this game, it will likely be blacked out in many local markets due to a severe drop in Merry Men attendance.

Game 6: Huskers vs. Brothers
Comment: After a disappointing week five for Husker QB Flacco, he returns to form in what is appearing to be a shootout of a game between the Ravens and Vikings. Brandon Marshall is returning to form and Santonio Holmes finally shows why the Huskers traded for him. As long as Jacobs and Hightower are not overshadowed by Bradshaw and Wells, this game goes by way of the Husker. The Brothers are hoping that the Texans defense does not show up again, if that is the case, this is going to be a very close game.

Game 7: Beans vs. Chickens
Pick: Chickens
Comment: Every time these two teams get together, this game is always close. No matter how lopsided the matchups seem, this game finds a way to come down to the wire. We’ll have to wait until late on Monday night to know who wins this one.

GAME OF THE WEEK: Llamas vs. Poop
Pick: POOP
Comment: The battle of the WRs goes by way of the bowel movement. Gibby’s got his hands full trying to solve the RB dilemma that exists in Hoochieville. A win here for either team may have them seriously thinking playoffs and could force them to make a move or two going forward. Brees may finally get back to his scoring ways, but it is not enough considering Tom Brady should basically create a wash. For bri and the Bear to feel really comfortable, they need Greg Jennings to return to the 2008 form, if he does not, this will be a close one.

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