Oct 09, 2009 2:27pm Nick Wood

Nick's Picks - Week 5

It seems as though this GM has been a little busy of late and only the casual reminder from Bobby to do the picks is what can pull me away from work. Don’t people know that during the football season, fantasy football takes a front seat to real work? After a dismal Hammerin Hank like performance in week 3 at 2-6, my YTD record has dropped to 7-9. I’m looking to bounce back with authority this week.

Game 1: Thugs vs. Buddies
Comment: Looks like Mike is unable to wipe that shit eating grin off of Bobby’s face this week. Too many Wide Receivers to count on this week for the Buddies. Manning will make this much closer than expected. With DeAngelo back from a bye, Bowe and Housh with solid matchups, the Thug train rolls on again. Chris Davidson, be prepared for more Headline stealing by the Thugs this week, the YFFL just loves them right now.

Game 2: Eaters vs. Merry Men
Comment: Can you believe this all happened while Steve was gone? Yup, Stafford gets hurt, Steve has him in his lineup at the moment, Chansi Stuckey gets traded to a team who can’t score, and Mario Manningham appears to be coming back to reality, the Merry Men appear to have just been on a two week bender, back to the hangover. Even with Chris starting two TEs this week, they still get the W.

Game 3: Llamas vs. Tangs
Comment: The Llamas look like a chicken with their head cut off at the moment with Brees out of the lineup, but what has he done for them lately? Orton teams up with a revived Brandon Marshall to post solid numbers this week and the Tangs futility continues. Garrard helps keep this close though and IF McGahee is able to continue his form, the upset could be had. Could the Llamas really fall under .500? Naaah.

Game 4: Poop vs. Refugees
Comment: The upset is had here this week, if it is even an upset, the three headed running back monster in the Refugee camp is enough to pull the upset this week. That is, as long as Aceto gets his lineup in on time. Brady and Ochocinco will keep this one close, but Ronnie Brown should not put up much against a solid Jet defense. IF the Poop is able to pull through here, a 4-1 record could be made sweeter by a call to the Chickens who may have a RB or two available after this week. Also, the Refugees may be on the phone with the Chickens after this week as a win here for them, might make adding McNabb to their lineup the right decision, unless of course he believes Campbell is enough…. Lots to pay attention to in this one.

Game 5: Mallards vs. Dragons
Comment: You read it here first, the Superbowl favorite Mallards lose their THIRD straight and fall under .500. The Dragons are riding the old arm of not the 40 year old Virgin, but the 40 year old Viking and Steve’s going to be screaming “Kelly Clarkson!” from the cruise ship spa this Sunday. Sorry Steve, it is probably best you’re not around for this one. Becky, I’d hit the bar if I were you, those drinks are already paid for.

Game 6: White Guys vs. Boys
Comment: Chris, I’ll give you the love, you’re team is playing well right now and I can’t see that stopping this weekend. The new M&M boys of Mendenhall and Moreno are both likely to start this weekend, so the points should follow. The only thing that could derail this would be a last minute decision by Eli to not play because of his foot injury, but that is doubtful. Big Boys cruise to an NFC best 4-1.

Game 7: Huskers vs. Chickens
Comment: Oh, how the mighty have fallen so quickly. The Chickens GM blew his chance at potentially having the luckiest 3-1 record by thinking LT2 was going to return to form against the Pittsburgh defense and he sat Gates, bad, bad decision. That is not going to happen again and he’s already put Witten on the block and will be shopping him after he fills in for Gate’s bye this week. Despite feeling the heat to win now, it does not look like it is going to happen this week against the new look Huskers. Flacco, Hightower, and the tearful Brandon Marshall should be enough. Where did T.O. Go? Is he playing across the border with the Toronto Argonauts and not the Buffalo Bills? I think he misses Tony Romo about as much as Steve misses his every fifteen minute rotoworld check in right now.

Game of the Week: Beans vs. Brothers
Comment: Wow, these teams are playing for the right to be the top team in the division? Who would have thought. But, Bri’s resurgent Brothers are on a roll and looking to take control. Bobby’s not too upset as his favorite WR in Edwards just joined his favorite real life team in the Jets, so that news and the Thugs will keep him smiling this weekend. Kyle Boller is his only option, that just won’t cut it this week.

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