Sep 25, 2009 2:23pm Nick Wood

Nick's Picks - Week 3

Sorry to all of the Nick’s Picks fans out there, I had to take a week off last week as ‘work’ got in the way, and I was traveling to Block Island. I’m back and hoping to have a turnaround after a weak first go at it. But, wow, did a lot go down last week or what?!? Manning traded to the Buddies, Kev got drunk, AND Becky said yes to Steve. That is going to be hard to top this season, but I’m sure we’ll try.

2009 Season Pick Record: 5-3-0

Game 1: Thugs vs. Llamas
Comment: At this point in the season, with how it is going for Brees you just can’t pick against this team right now can you? Looking at the rest of the Llamas lineup right now, you have to think Brees just might not be enough this week. Bobby’s Thugs are floating under the radar and could slow down the Llamas stampede. Will his QB dilemma cause some trouble in the locker room? He’s going with Schaub and sitting the guy who brought him all of the way to both Super Bowl games last season in Warner. This week is going to come down to the non-QB positions and right now, the Thugs are looking a little bit better as Barber is likely to either sit this week or be limited. Addai, he’s not a RB in this league anymore Kev, sorry.

Game 2: Eaters vs. Refugees
Comment: This is the first week that Aceto’s three headed monster of a RB corps finally all puts up points. Although, with Chris Johnson facing the JETS revamped D, that may not be nearly as many points as last week, but Slaton should finally put up some points this week enroute to victory for the Refugees. Reggie Bush is just not a good back in this kind of scoring format, if it were PPR, he’d have a little more cred. Chris is holding out hope that Westbrook can play this week and will produce, I doubt it.

Game 3: Buddies vs. Tangs
Comment: This team has transformed into a winner faster than Dugas’ allergies set in at the Cumberland Fair. Sproles is showing that he’s the guy in SD and if Beanie Wells kind finally hold onto the ball, this team is going to be tough to beat. The Tangs, well, they are just happy to have Percy Harvin on their team and not Crabtree. Should the Tangs consider getting rid of McGahee while he still has some value? White’s seemingly lost all of his mojo when he lost all of that weight in the offseason.

Game 4: Poop vs. Merry Men
Pick: POOP
Comment: The Merry Men Suck. Can someone give Dugas Kurt Willette or Kris Bean’s phone number? He needs a GM or to give this team up entirely.

Game 5: Huskers vs. Dragons
Comment: The reigning champs can’t fall to 0-3 can they? I’m banking on that being a no and Aaron Rodgers having a big day against the terrible Rams. Forte should finally prove to everyone that he was not a one year wonder and put up some solid numbers. Frank Gore continues to shine. Megan’s already told Jon that he’s not allowed anymore guitar hero AND is sleeping on the couch if the Dragons lose this week… Pressure-Pressure

Game 6: Boys vs. Brothers
Comment: The Brothers have a nice matchup this week as Chris’ RBs need to prove something. Donald Brown looks like he’s going to be more involved in the offense as Addai has fallen off the map, but Thomas Jones is at the beginning of the end and Moreno is not getting enough carries in McDaniels’ pass first offense. The Brothers are turning the corner, but are not deserving of the ranking that Bobby’s giving them, yet.

Game 7: White Guys vs. Beans
Comment: Will either owner be paying any attention to this game? We already know Aceto does not pay attention anyhow, so this game may draw an all time low attendance figure (if the YFFL had one.) Fitz and Roddy White should be enough to take this one. McCoy could get the opportunity to show everyone why Bobby gave up his roster this past offseason.

GAME OF THE WEEK: Mallards vs. Chickens
Comment: The Chickens are just not healthy right now, the eggs they are laying on the scoreboard at the important positions are just not cutting it while the Mallards come into this game firing on all cylinders. This game really comes down to Portis vs. Turner, and I think we’d both like our chances with Turner despite Portis having a good matchup with the Lions this weekend.

Sep 27, 2009 10:02pmNick Wood

Steve-O, some props for the Merry Men playing so well this week.

Sep 29, 2009 1:05pmBobby Sansone

Tough week for Nick's Picks...

Sep 29, 2009 2:16pmNick Wood

No Question there. I think it is my worst week ever picking the winners. Not sad about being wrong about the Mallards/Chickens clash though.

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