Nov 26, 2008 11:10am Nick Wood

Week 13 - Nick's Picks

(Due to tomorrow's holiday, I am releasing the picks a day early)

This week, we feature a guest pick from Kevin Sansone who will give us a non-biased take on the Chickens/Beans match up.
Last Week: 3-4-1 (Rough I know, but what’s with all of these ties?!?!?!)
Year-to-Date: 65-27-4

1. Merry Men vs. Thugs
Comment: Well, the 11-1-1 is no longer in reach, but that coveted playoff bye is still hanging out there for the Thugs. Dugas is already ignoring this week’s game as he has his mind set on scouting out the week 15 match up of the Merry Men and Brothers for the Stupor Bowl Title. Rumor is, like an 8 year old child can’t wait for Santa to arrive, Steve is already patiently waiting by his mailbox for the 2009 draft guide to be released!

2. Llamas vs. Poop
Pick: Llamas
Comment: The Matt Cassell of old returns this week and the machine that is the Llamas continues on its rampage towards the playoffs. The NFC playoff contenders are thankful they won’t have to face off with this team until the very end. Bri does deserve some props as he got this team back up on its feet and fought hard to get this team almost back to .500 after losing the 2007 YFFL MVP in week 1.

3. White Guys vs. Mallards
Comment: Only pride is on the line this week from these two preseason powers. The Mallards were more disappointing than a Brendan Shank dropped pass in the YFL. At least Aceto and the White Guys have a recent trophy to keep their spirits up despite being so close to the playoffs with both of his teams this year.

4. Dragons vs. Boys
Comment: The Dragons are limping into the playoffs as they barely survive against a team that gave up months ago. Jon’s going to have tough calls to make at QB and hope that his wide receivers show up as they have gone missing from the end zone of late. The Boys, well they have some desperate needs at the RB position once you get by the come back player of the year in Thomas Jones. This just in: Jake Kinsman will be debuting as the primary play caller for the Dragons this week.

5. Huskers vs. Brothers
Comment: Rumor has it, Kev’s wife is beginning to get annoyed from constantly hearing Kevin chant “11-2, first round bye, 11-2 first round bye” all around the house as he does his chores. Fortunately for Kevin and unfortunately for Annie, he finally reaches that goal this week. The next thing that may be keeping Annie up at night will be Kev studying game film to help him determine who to play at the UTL spot in the NFC title game. Many of the Brothers players were seen trying out for an arena fantasy football league. The other Brothers players were rumored to be heading up to Yarmouth, Maine this weekend for Kurt W’s Turkey touch football game this Friday.

6. Refugees vs. Tangs
Comment: Aceto got close to returning a team to the playoffs this year after staying well under the radar all season. But, this year, there will be no magical run as the win will give the Refugees a winning record at 7-6, but the points will be too much to overcome and they will be left home. The Tangs had a good run but the wheels came off quickly. If Jon is able to have a solid draft with this club, he’ll no longer find himself on the outside looking in at the playoff picture.

7. Eaters vs. Buddies
Comment: Wow, Chris Davidson has a good reason to smile following this win. He’s taken quite a bit of criticism this season and still stayed on his feet. No one could be more upset to see this team win than his nemesis Bobby Sansone (Jr.). The Buddies will need a week 12 like effort to give Aceto and the Refugees a shot at the playoffs. Randy Moss is not likely to score three TDs against a strong PIT defense. The Buddies were seen going on repeat tours of the Coors Brewery in Golden Colorado.

GAME OF THE WEEK – Monumental Showdown!
Guest: Kevin Sansone
Game: Chickens vs. Beans
Comment: With his season on the line, Bobby has decided to bench Jay Cutler, the third highest scorer in the league. The Beans need a spark and Bobby hopes to find it in young Tyler Thigpen, who is making his first career start in the YFFL. Ultimately though, it is the overall inconsistency from his role players that will be the Beans demise. The Chickens will put together another strong game and head to the playoffs to face the Dragons.

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