Nov 17, 2008 4:18pm Bobby Sansone

A Season on the Brink...

Can the disappointing Braylon Edwards save the Beans from a disappointing season by getting me 4 points tonight and a win over the disappointing Memphis Brothers?

Nov 17, 2008 5:11pmNick Wood

As you can tell, Bobby likes to use the word 'disappointing.'

The Beans will get the points he needs and it will force a playoff-like game in the NFC West come week 13. The league has to hope for that because the trash talk the week leading up to that game will be ridiculous.

That is, unless the Brothers are able to play the role of spoilers and hold on to beat the Beans this week and the Chickens next week to give the 'sneaky-sneaky' Aceto and his White Guys the opening they need. Stranger things have happened; Case in point, Steve going all Marty McFly on us in the forum and standing up to his personal 'forum Biff' in Mike...

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