Nov 13, 2008 9:18am Nick Wood

Week 11 - Nick's Picks

Last Week: 6-2
Year-To-Date: 55-23-2


1. Poop vs. Refugees
Comment: Bri's last hope of staying alive for a playoff spot is put to rest. He deserves some credit for not folding after losing arguably the best FF QB out there in Brady. It appears as though no one is stepping up right now to take a firm grasp on the wild card, but with the win this week, the White Guys would be the 7th grader coming down from the bleachers to attempt to ask for a dance.

2. Merry Men vs. Buddies
Comment: This is the battle for the basement of the AFC. The Merry Men look to take charge in the race for the Stupor Bowl and with a loss here, they appear to be one step closer to that goal. Sidney Rice and Matt Ryan appear to be their only bright spots of the future, so they will need that top two pick in the 2009 draft.

3. Mallards vs. Boys
Pick: Mallards
Comment: The Mallards keep their very slim chances of a playoff birth alive with a win. Although, the win will only prolong Dugas' disappointment as it is unlikely they will be able to surpass both the Beans, White Guys, and Chickens without a great deal of help. The Boys have played well of late, so don't expect them to roll over this week.

4. Beans vs. Brothers
Comment: The Beans last cushy game until the gauntlet that is the Huskers followed by the Chickens comes to end the season. A stumble here could essentially end their playoff hopes. We don't believe that will happen. The Brothers have already given out tickets to their family and friends for the Stuporbowl...

5. Llamas vs. TANGS
Comment: This appears to be the Tangs last breath. The Llamas are playing the first of two straight games where they could all but eliminate their division foes from the playoff mix. The question is; with the Eaters still alive and the Thugs firmly in command of the bye, wouldn't the Llamas rather play a division foe in the first round over a preseason Super Bowl Favorite???

6. Eaters vs. Thugs
Comment: The rest of the teams still alive in the AFC will be rooting hard for Thugs to down the Eaters this week. We believe it will be another week before the Eaters truly return to form. IF Chris and his band of recovering from injury Eaters is able to get past the Thugs this week, the Wildcard is all but his as he finishes the season with the easiest two games available, the Merry Men then the Buddies...

7. White Guys vs. Dragons
Comment: There is no question, the Beans and Chickens will have their fingers crossed hoping that the Dragons can down the White Guys to better their own playoff chances. The White Guys uncertainty at the QB position makes this a tough contest that should not go their way. But, if Aaron Rodgers is unable to find the endzone this week because of another tough matchup, this is a game the White Guys are easily capable of winning.

Game of the Week:
Huskers vs. Chickens
Comment: This is certainly the buzzsaw division. As someone already mentioned, they have three teams in the top five of the league in scoring with the potential for only one to make the playoffs. It pains me to say that the Huskers have the advantage going into the weekend, but considering they have much better matchups, they do have that advantage. The last time the Chickens were the dog going into the weekend, they were able to come out the victor.

Nov 13, 2008 9:38amNick Wood

ERRORS - Sorry no editor again this week: My apologies to the Refugees. You're the ones attempting to ask Stacey Mahan for a dance, not the white guys.

Dugas, both of your teams suck, I get them mixed up with who is on what team. The Merry Men really only have one hopeful player in Anquan Boldin who happens to be on the Chickens...

Nov 13, 2008 9:47amSteve Dugas

What's that Nick?? You're having trouble making the playoffs because you lost to the Merry Men?? I hope you make the career year by Boldin count because he'll never have another year like this again.

Nov 13, 2008 9:59amBobby Sansone

Wow... what a weekend on tap! Everyone must have playoff fever!...well, except for Steve.

I think the Thugs go down this week. I have a funny feeling Romo and Warner will cancel each other out as well as the WRs and TEs too. It's going to come down to Westbrook vs Williams and I think Westbrook is in for a monster week. I am not looking forward to waiting for Kellen Winslow playing on MNF after what he did last week. I'll need a 17 point lead going into Monday to feel comfortable.
Eaters 48 Thugs 44

The Huskers have quietly become the league's best team. I think they hold serve this week and defeat the Chickens. The Chickens aren't getting enough out of their running game with LT2, Lewis and Lynch. Meanwhile Hightower and Jacobs have been phenomenal.
Huskers 55 Chickens 50

Nick is right, we'll be rooting hard for the Dragons to knock off the White Guys so that the road will be cleared for what could potentially be the biggest regular season game in YFFL history in Week 13 between the Chickens and Beans. It's already got that feeling of a Category 5 hurricane slowly churning towards the Gulf Coast....

Quick Hits:

Wow, another disappointing season for the Mallards. Not only did Steve have to endure that, it was his biggest ff rival (me) who gave him not one but two stomach punching losses in Week 9 vs Beans and Week 10 vs the Thugs that ended his playoff hopes. Sorry Steve!

The MVP race is wide open. Brees, Warner, Jacobs, Boldin, Portis, and Cutler appear to be the hopefuls right now but there is still lots to be decided. Could we see a repeat of 2005 with a tie for MVP?

The storyline this year has been the re-emergence of QBs as the dominant players in the YFFL. If the draft happened again today, Matt Ryan would certainly be the No. 1 pick with Kurt Warner going No. 2 right? When the playoff teams are determined we will see some very good QB play potentially of Brees, Warner and Romo in the AFC and Favre/Rodgers, Manning and either McNabb/Rivers or Cutler/Thigpen.

The other storyline can be looked at two ways: Have owners been irresponsible and not using their waiver moves to sign backup QBs and Kickers? Or, do the League rules make it too difficult to ensure you can field a starting lineup after week 8? This will surely be the biggest topic at the winter meeting this year.

Lastly, I apologize for no Power Rankings this week. We will return next week though!

Nov 13, 2008 12:45pmKevin Sansone

is there any doubt the YFFL is as strong as ever? new blood, angry steve, chris d forum posts, and 12 teams still able to make the playoffs are making this a great yffl season!

Nov 14, 2008 9:05amMike Kinsman


There may as well be a cock in your ass this weekend, because you are about to get an absolute dicking from the Buddie... OH WAIT... I forgot that you WANT to lose, so you really don't care...

If you wanted some Rice for Boldin you could have picked up a couple of packs of Rice Pilaf from Hannaford... That's about the same value you received with Ray and Sidney.

Ray Rice? Are you serious? Did you really think you had the next small football school running back? There's only one Brian Westbrook. Do they even sell Nova Westbrook jerseys in youth large? I heard Connecticut College has a great Fullback and he may go in the sixth round. You may want to make a round trip to check him out. He works out tuesday mornings before before his 9:30 geology class.

The difference between the Chickens and your abortion of a team in the Merry Men is that the Chickens actually try to contend every year, and don't trade away their best players for trash in hope to pick up a high draft pick.

Does Brady Quinn have any younger brothers?

Nov 14, 2008 9:50amNick Wood

I think Mike may have just scared Dugas into three more years of hiding from the forum.

Sort of like the ground hog seeing his shadow, Steve thought Mike may not notice his latest effort in the forum so he crept out and said something when BAM! Mike melted his good comeback like snow in Hawaii.

Nov 14, 2008 12:16pmSteve Dugas

Lets get a couple things straight, first the jersey is an XL and second I used the draft pick from the Boldin trade on Pierre Thomas, so why don’t you spend 3 minutes doing some research before you write your witty and entertaining posts. As far as the supposed pounding im going to be taking this weekend from the Buddies im not all that worried considering I’ve outscored you by more than 30 total pts the last two weeks. I was reading the Forecaster last night and I saw a couple more of your players were arrested and are probably going to miss some more time, atleast my terrible season can partly be blamed on injury while your biggest problem (aside from Hasselbeck being) has been players hitting and spitting on women, that’s a classy team of thugs you got out there Mike.

Im glad you finally got that job out in Denver, with how hard it is raining and the temperature in the 40’s today would have made for a miserable wait in the line at the soup kitchen. Im going to need you’re your address so I can tell Hannaford’s where to send the “Feast in a Box” that they are selling for $10 for thanksgiving, I’ll be sure to get a couple for you. Best of luck to you this weekend and I’ll get that “feast in a box” to you by thanksgiving.

Nov 16, 2008 2:27amBrian Davidson

Great posts! I wish I had something to add, but its been a tough year for both my teams... Being without Brady and Palmer has been sad, it really feels like I'm just going through the motions this year, I've heard rumbles of comparisons to Vince Young, its really nothing like that, but the nightmares of the words "questionable", "doubtful" and "out" on the injury report were getting so bad, i found myself drinking so much that I gave up a first rounder for Jake Delhomme. I'm not saying I'm proud of my year or blaming it on the unpredictability's of the NFL, I am saying that both my teams will stay strong and continue to be owned and managed by Brian Davidson..
Hey Dugie, can you send me the "feast in a box" too, its been a rough year and they aren't running that program out this way!

Nov 17, 2008 9:34amMike Kinsman


I wish I had saw this post earlier. This is great.

In regard to having a bunch of thugs on my team, I guess I have been a little unlucky. Some of us don't have the ability to call Ryan Martin up from our CB radio that's deskside to run 3rd round draft pick's police records. I love how you knew Santonio Holmes got caught with plant before the NFL did... I'm not sure where you find time to read every NFL blog during the work day. Is it true that you have a subscription to Street and Smith delivered directly to T-32 every morning?

I'm not sure what a "Feast in a Box" is, but I thought the only box you were familiar with was Nikki Bowker's... I heard she just moved to elastic waistband territory.

The job is going quite well out here Steve. Thanks for asking. Your post makes it seem like I got chucked from my former job like you did from a head coaching job at Yarmouth. You could not be any further from the truth. As much as I would like to join the ranks of Don Simms and Dale Wing as a few to be chucked from their jobs, I will have to wait until I get canned from Cigna.

The "feast in a box" sounds quite great, but you may want to save that one for Colt Brennan. He'll probably be out of a job soon.

Speaking of Thugs, is it tooo late to pick up Daunte Culpepper?

Nov 17, 2008 9:34amMike Kinsman

saw = seen

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