Oct 30, 2008 9:45am Nick Wood

Week 9 - Nick's Picks

Last Week: 8-0!
Year-to-Date: 44-18-2 .703

1. Boys vs Huskers
Comment: The Boys are playing out the string but still need a good beat down here by the Huskers to better their chances at playing in the Stuper Bowl. I think Kev can deliver that for them.

2. Buddies vs. Poop
Pick: POOP
Comment: The question with this game is will we see a single point out of either team's running backs???

3. Eaters vs. Tangs
Comment: Two months ago, no one would have thought that the Tangs would be favored in this game... A lot has changed in such a short period of time.

4. White Guys vs Brothers
Comment: This game works well for both squads, Aceto hopes to keep the returning champs in the hunt for a playoff spot and Bri D hopes to keep the Brothers hopes of a Stuporbowl birth alive, both are accomplished this weekend.

5. Thugs vs. Refugees
Comment: A Big Question is now presented; can three players on two of the worst teams in football keep the Thug train rolling? It will for this week at least and that should solidify their playoff spot.

6. Llamas - Win by forfeit(Merry Men)
Comment: Just when you thought it could not get any easier for this Owner of the Year candidate, Kev and the Llamas land the Merry Men on Drew Brees' bye week...

7. Dragons vs Chickens
Comment: This is the first week that the Chickens go into a game as the underdog. With no Chargers, no real threat at the UTL position, and most likely no TE due to Witten's injury, the Chickens help the Dragons get one step closer to securing a playoff birth.

Beans vs. Mallards
Comment: The Beans get Cutler back after winning without him last week. Steve's indecision about which QB to play determines the outcome of this game. The loser will have to hope that the Chickens fall this week or else they will be on the brink of elimination.

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