Dec 05, 2006 11:21pm Anthony Aceto

YFFL Year-End

First to Jon: thank you for another great year - we have obviously begun to take you for granted at this point, however, (and as always) the website has been awesome and the integrity of the league has been upheld to the highest degree. I will be glad to see Bud Selig go as comissioner of MLB, but I hope that you stick around as our comissioner as long as the YFFL exists.

My nominees are:
MVP: Tomlinson - I can't begin to make a case for anyone else...I really don't think there is any debate here at all. Though...if Tomlinson and McNabb split the hometown Chickens vote, I can see the MVP going to Brian Westbrook: here comes the debate of what value means: valuable with regard to the team's success, or valuable relative to how many points he scores...period. The Eaters would definitely not be going to the playoffs without Westbrook, while the Chickens would still be among the league's powers without LT...and they showed that they are in good shape without McNabb.

Rookie of the Year: - Maurice Jones-Drew...he didn't have the highest registered point total for a rookie, however, if his stupid owner was smart enough to start him more consistently, he would have. Also what distinguished Jones-Drew was his ability to score consistently, whereas, Joseph Addai's and Reggie Bush's seasons would have been so-so if not for 1 monster week for each. Jones-Drew provided key depth down the stretch with both Kevin Jones and Tatum Bell missing multiple games due to energy and Rex Grossman sputtering...Jones-Drew put the Ref's on his back for the home stretch and carried them to their first division title since 2002.

Owner of the Year: Mike Kinsman...not much to talk about here as Mike put together the greatest season in YFFL history by an owner. Congratulations, Mike...though as the Colts have proven year after year, being the best team in the regular season doesn't mean shit.

Runner-up: myself...though a good portion of this email has been a shameless plug for myself, I'm not going to stop now. The Refugees had been one of the true laughing stocks of the YFFL from 2003-2005, logging two, 3-win seasons, and mustering only 385 points in a last place, 3-win season in 2005. In a miraculous, 1-year turnaround, the Refugees outlasted a ravenous Bear Poop team for the AFC East title, scoring the third highest point total in the league (574 pts.) Owner Anthony Aceto made some aggressive moves to rebuild his franchise from the ground up over the past few years, trading away players such as Isaac Bruce and Nate Burleson to gain Javon Walker, Tatum Bell, Rex Grossman, and Reggie Brown. This team is young and should be peaking over the next few years as its host of young talent continues to mature and play better each week (with exception at the QB position, which is still light years ahead of where it was before the season started...(Josh McCown and Kerry Collins?!?)...If the White Guys win the Stupor Bowl, there should be no debate.

Micor Misa: Marques Colston...the second best WR from Hofstra.

Runner Up: Maurice Jones-Drew...Where the fuck did this guy come from (see above)

Dec 05, 2006 11:24pmAnthony Aceto

Forgot to mention Colston for the rookie of the year, however, I thought he was a perfect Micor Misa. And in the spirit of Micor Misa, the guy can't be a 2x award winner in the same year.

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