Nov 18, 2005 10:31am Mike Kinsman


the buddies are 7-6 vs. Ludke for their career. Plan on them making it 8-6. brad johnson will be in a body bag after the the 1st quarter. You could always start Gerrard at QB. I am willing to let you buy me a couple rounds at Grittys next weekend if you would like to make a wager. Also way to skip on the pirates game last weekend. Bullshit you had to visit your Grandma... The only grandma you will be seeing this weekend is Grandmama LJ dropping two scores and 100 plus yards.

Buddies - 42
Merry Men - nighty night

Nov 18, 2005 5:12pmSteve Dugas

Mike- while i might me undermanned for this upcoming clash im not about to back down from a kid who still sleeps with a teddy bear. A couple rounds at Gritty's sounds like a reasonable wager; just remember that its not the beer that you'll be tasting, it will be the leather of the football that Alexander will be stuffing down your throat. The Merry Men will have this thing wrapped up by the time Brad Johnson starts airing it out on monday night.

Merry Men 45
Buddies 42

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