White Guys 12-0-1

The Defending Champs kick off the 2018 season in the top spot. Locked and loaded to attempt a repeat. Going to be difficult to outlast a loaded NFC.


Boys 5-8

Boys could use another star player or two but have by far the deepest team in the league. Will Manning make good use of all the weapons he has?


Chickens 9-4

Drew Brees is ready to take the Chickens on one last title run before he falls off a cliff. This team will probably lead the league in scoring.


Mallards 4-8-1

Can they weather the storm while Ingram and Wentz are out? If they can get off to a 2-2 start the season should turn out just fine. Drafted with an eye towards 2019.


Dragons 3-9-1

Aaron Rodgers is back = 6 wins minimum. WR's could push it to 8. Dragons round out having four NFC East teams in the top 5.


Brothers 6-7

Brothers need Goff and Wood to play as well as they did last year to justify being ranked this high. McCaffrey is going to be considered a top 5 RB by the end of the season.


Beans 6-7

Despite their bizarre draft day trade that saw them unload Burkhead for a guy with a torn Achilles I still really like this team. Hopefully they can push the Chickens all season long.


Llamas 7-6

Still not sure how these guys finished with one of the worst records in the league. They have a pretty clear path to the AFC Title game if Bell ever shows up for work.


Eaters 5-7-1

The Eaters are pretty much a lock to win their 3rd consecutive Division Title and have a great chance to make their 3rd Super Bowl in a row. Quiet but solid night at the draft.


Huskers 5-8

After only landing 5-6 good players the last 10 years or so in the draft, Kevin went out and crushed the 2018 draft, taking what he was given and landing solid pick after solid pick. Huskers would be contenders if in the AFC.


Refugees 7-6

Hard to believe a team that started last year 7-0 could find itself ranked #11 the next year, on the bright side only two other AFC teams are ahead of them today. Refugees will be in the mix for a playoff spot all season.


Thugs 6-7

Still not sold on Luck being all the way back. Solid play to take Sam Darnold just in case Luck's shoulder doesn't hold up.


Poop 7-6

The Bear Patriots will go as far as the Patriots take them. Bri is going to need the Pats to score 50 points every week for everyone to produce.


Orangutangs 7-6

Jon had a solid night at the draft. Hit a lot of doubles. This ranking is probably too low but it's always more fun to climb the list rather than try and hold on at the top.


Merry Men 5-8

Looks like a long season is in store for the Merry Men. That happens when you fail to land a good RB for 6 seasons in a row. Got an interesting group of WRs. Will probably figure out a way to scratch out 5-6 wins.


Buddies 8-5

The Baker Mayfield selection stunned the league at the draft. Probably should have addressed some of their glaring needs. Hard to deal one of the QBs when the NFL currently has so many that are productive.