Postcards from Camp: High 5'n White Guys

Jon Kinsman, YFFL Commissioner

August 15, 2006

White Men Can't Win
Larry Fitzgerald
Don't discount a late season Matt Leinart - Larry Fitzgerald spark for the White Guys in 2006

NEW YORK, NY - After a surprise 10-3 season in 2004 that generated hope among long-suffering White Guy fans, reality came crashing down in 2005. Despite winning 4 of their final 7 games, the High 5'n White Guys couldn't recover from a disastrous 0-6 start and finished last in the NFC East. The lone shining moment of the season was the emergence of Larry Fitzgerald as a top receiver. Fitzgerald scored 76 points, good for third at his position, and is poised to become an elite contributor for years to come. Meanwhile, we may have seen the last of 5-time Pro Bowler Curtis Martin, who begins the season injured and is not guaranteed to even make the roster.

Critical Question Facing Owner Anthony Aceto

Can he compete with the other YFFL owners? Aceto is the only original owner without a Super Bowl title and hasn't won a playoff game in 9 years. After a combined 7-19 season in 2005, festering doubts about Aceto's competency have started to be vocalized by other owners. Anthony needs a Chris Davidson-like resurgence this season to legitimize himself. In the toss-up NFC East, anthing can happen.

Player to Watch

Aaron Brooks, QB. The White Guys will only be as good as the blackest player on their team. Brooks gets a fresh start in Oakland and with his ability to throw the deep ball to Randy Moss, the pair could conjure comparisons to Jeff Blake and Carl Pickens in 1995. However, Brooks has looked terrible in the preseason and if his struggles continue, he could have a revolt on his hands. This tenuous situation will decide the White Guys' season.

Projected Starting Lineup

Brooks, Foster, Taylor, Fitzgerald, Muhammad, Watson, Nugent, Staley


Along with Brooks, the success of the White Guys will also be predicated on the brittlest running back corps in the league. I didn't check the exact figure, but DeShaun Foster, Fred Taylor, and Duce Staley have combined to miss roughly 378 games over the last two seasons. Coupled with aging receivers Muhsin Muhammad and Keyshawn Johnson, the White Guys don't have much going for them outside of Fitzgerald and Ben Watson.

However, the NFC East is as wide open as any division out there, and I have a funny feeling that the White Guys are due for another bout of good fortune. It will be a rough ride and the majority of their lineup will be on the verge of losing their starting job every week, but the White Guys will do just enough to threaten a winning record and surprise everyone by escaping the cellar this season.


6-7; 497 points; 3rd NFC East