Postcards from Camp: Apple Eaters

Bobby Sansone, Senior Writer

August 11, 2006

Reggie Appleseed?
Neil Rackers
Hasselbeck? Harrison? Bush? Teams should really be scared of Neil Rackers this season

QUINCY, MA Chris Davidson has almost come full-circle from his YFFL glory days in the mid to late 90's. Owners have been whispering about the Eaters and how they are the trendy pick to win the Super Bowl this season. Davidson, who had been an enigma in the YFFL for the past 5 seasons, earned praise for bringing the Boys back to the playoffs last season, but the Eaters underachieved by going 3-10 and spoiled any hopes of an Owner of the Year award. But in perhaps the biggest Stupor Bowl ever, the Eaters came through and thus earned the rights to draft Reggie Bush which spawned several lewd "Chris will be eating Bush" jokes much of the off-season.

Critical Question Facing Chris Davidson

Are the Eaters built to compete in the AFC West? The Eaters have a balanced and deep roster built for a run far into the playoffs. The only problem is that they'll have a tough time getting there in what could be the greatest fantasy division God ever created. Only Neil Rackers would make the All-AFC West team despite a roster that boasts names like Hasselbeck, Harrison and Brian Westbrook. The Eaters almost certainly have to get out to a hot start before they head into division play. The Eaters had the best off-season of any team in the AFC West but just how much ground they made up is still uncertain.

Player to Watch

Kellen Winslow, Jr., TE. After sitting out most of the first two seasons of his career, the Eaters finally get to pencil in Kellen Winslow, Jr. in the starting lineup this year (barring any motorcycle accidents). Winslow could be the key to the Eaters success, especially considering the lack of a second WR to complement Marvin Harrison. If Winslow can put up 40-50 points, the Eaters could sneak into the playoffs and quiet the skeptics who mocked Davidson for taking Winslow so early in the 2004 draft.

Projected Starting Lineup

Hasselbeck, Westbrook, Brown, Harrison, Williamson, Winslow, Rackers, Bush


There is always one team that surprises everyone. Last year it was the Memphis Brothers, who ran away with the NFC West. This year I like the Eaters to edge out the Merry Men and sneak into the playoffs as the AFC Wild Card. Hasselbeck has healthy WRs and is primed for his best fantasy season ever. Westbrook, Brown and Bush have the potential to be the best trio of RBs in the league. Contrary to the critics, Harrison still has one more solid fantasy season in him while Troy Williamson and Michael Jenkins appear ready to produce. Winslow, Jr. and Neil Rackers round out an exceptional starting lineup. The backup QB position needs an upgrade but other than that, the tools are there for another Eaters dynasty to be built.


8-5; 580 points; 2nd AFC West