Fact or Fiction: Conference Championship Edition

Bobby & Kevin Sansone, Senior Argumentative Analysts

December 15, 2005

With a matchup between bitter rivals (Mike and Steve) and accomplished legends (Chris and Jon), the Conference Championship round is shaping up to be one of the best weekends of YFFL action in recent memory. The Sansone brothers tackle the tough questions as they attempt to seperate Fact from Fiction.

Eli Manning
Are the Boys better off with Eli?

1. Fact or Fiction, the Boys are better off now with Eli Manning instead of Brett Favre at quarterback.

Bobby: Fact. Chris traded Favre at the right time but to the wrong team. If I'm Chris Davidson, I'm a nervous wreck all week. Chris traded Favre thinking that he would never hear from the guy again. He was supposed to help the Dragons win a few games, miss the playoffs and retire at season's end. That didn't exactly happen and now Favre has one last opportunity to ruin the Boys' magical season. This has been arguably the craziest YFFL season ever. After watching everything that has gone on this year, I wouldn't be surprised at all if Favre puts up one of his 4 TD, 300 yard games. Chris has had a lot of luck this year...too much luck. Eventually something's gotta give, right?

Kevin: Fact. Brett Fav-re is no longer the player he once was in the YFFL. His abilities have diminished with age and with a crappy Packers team. Eli, on the other hand, is on the rise. He may not be the best quarterback in the league, but he has players around to catch TDs. Chris has to feel confident this week knowing that there is a better chance of Eli putting up 2 scores than Favre.

Shaun Alexander
Will Alexander have to outplay Johnson for the Men to win?

2. Fact or Fiction, Shaun Alexander needs to outscore Larry Johnson for the Merry Men to beat the Buddies.

Bobby: Fiction. Alexander and LJ will cancel each other out. The game will come down to Brad Johnson vs. Kurt Warner. I give Warner and the Buddies an edge there but if you throw in Steve's utter dominance over Mike in the past two years, the game's a virtual wash. This game will be decided by 3 points or less. Back to LJ for a minute. Where was this guy on the MVP ballot? I think that was Jon's only notable omission.

Kevin: Fact. Actually Alexander is going to have outscore more than just LJ. The Buddies have many more weapons than the Merry Men and Alexander will have to play at a high level in order for Dugas to win. Steve also will have to hope that Kurt Warner gets injured in his game against the Texans this week.

Hogan and the Warrior
Who's hand will be raised this weekend?

3. Fact or Fiction, a win by the Boys will return legitimacy to Chris Davidson as an owner.

Bobby: Fact. The league has been missing Chris D for years now. This is a guy my brother and I grew up idolizing in the early years of fantasy football. He's the Hulk Hogan of fantasy football. This matchup against the Dragons and Jon Kinsman is like Hogan-Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania VI. Or Sampras-Agassi in the US Open final three years ago. It transcends time and generations. I don't think many of the YFFL Owners recognize the true signifigance of this game. More on that in articles to come...

Kevin: Fact. The Boys need this Super Bowl appearance so that he can laugh in the face of all the haters and critics. The Boys situation never sunk low enough that they looked hopeless, but they were in need of a good season to reaffirm Chris' strengths as an owner.

Donte Stallworth
Despite the losses, Bri made all the right moves this year

4. Fact or Fiction, 2005 will now go down as a disappointment for Brian Davidson.

Bobby: Fiction. Absolute fiction. I haven't had a chance to talk to Bri much this year but I know he is quietly one of the more competitive owners in the league. Last year was tough on him. For both his teams to meet in the Stupor Bowl was tough blow on his pride. He was down and homeless people were kicking him. That's how bad it was for the spirited B.E.D. What he did with his teams this year was absolutley incredible. The Stallworth trade, the excellent draft, the emergence of Palmer, the deal for Benson. Brian was nothing short of outstanding. His owning job this year was better than two years ago when he won Owner of the Year. Despite the heart-break hotel of both his teams losing in the Wild Card round, I think Bri still has to be happy that he got two teams into the playoffs and will likely win Owner of the Year, which is a distinguished award being voted upon by your peers.

Kevin: Fiction. Anytime that both of your teams appear in the Stupor Bowl in one year and then the playoffs in the next cannot be seen as a disappointment. Sure, the Poop were a product of an awful division and the Brothers coasted into the playoofs on fumes, but it was great work by Bri just to get his teams there.

Reggie Bush
With the possible addition of Bush, the AFC West is only getting better

5. Fact or Fiction, the winner of the AFC Championship will win the Super Bowl.

Bobby: Fact. The AFC West is by far the best division in the YFFL. Not only have we won the last two Super Bowls, we've sent a team to the Super Bowl in each of the last 4 seasons. Now it's very likely that Reggie Bush will be joining the division which I'm not exactly thrilled about. Edge, LJ, Alexander and now Bush all in the AFC West? Wow, can you say realignment to even out the two AFC divisions at the Winter Meetings please! Anyway, the Buddies and Merry Men both consistently score 50+ points a game and I don't see how either the Boys or Dragons can compete with that. Make it three Super Bowls in a row for the AFC West.

Kevin: Fiction. Here's another prediction from ______ (enter year 2002-2005 here): The Chickens will win the Super Bowl. Just because a team is playing well now, that does not mean they will win in the following week. I am leaving the door open for any of these teams to win this season.