Fact or Fiction: Playoffs Edition

Bobby & Kevin Sansone, Senior Argumentative Analysts

December 07, 2005

With the playoffs upon us, Bob and Kev Sansone return with another bout of Fact or Fiction as they try to figure out who should start at QB for the Buddies, whether this will be Larry Johnson's coronation and if losing is actually better than winning.

Kurt Warner
A better option than Vick?

1. Fact or Fiction, Kurt Warner should start over Michael Vick for the Buddies.

Kevin: Fiction. Vick is going up against a bad New Orleans team at home on Monday Night Football. The Falcons are also coming off a bad loss to Carolina last week. I wouldn't be surprised if Vick put up 20 points for the Buddies this week. Warner is a good fall back option though in case Mike changes his mind.

Bobby: Fiction. Stick with what go you there. Vick in front of a national audience at home against the down and out Saints equals a lot of points to me. Warner is going up against a tough Washington defense. I can't see the Cardinals scoring more than 20 points this week. Then again, I've been wrong about almost everything this year...

Stephen Davis
How much will the Brothers miss Davis?

2. Fact or Fiction, the Brothers can make the Super Bowl without the bye.

Kevin: Fiction. I'm not sold on the Brothers anymore. Bri's team is no longer as formidable without Stephen Davis scoring touchdowns. I like Palmer and Smith, but I don't think they have enough to make it to the Super Bowl. IN fact, I am picking the Dragons to win this weekend.

Bobby: Fact. They can but it is going to be tough especially without Stephen Davis. They have to beat a driven Dragons team that is anxious to make the Boys regret that Brett Favre trade. Then they would have to beat the team with the most luck in the history of the YFFL, the Big Boys. If they can survive the NFC Playoffs, they will likely play either the Buddies or Merry Men, two teams that rarely score under 50. The Brothers can do it but it won't be easy.

Brett Favre
The Boys' worst nightmare?

3. Fact or Fiction, not making the playoffs would have been better for the Dragons.

Kevin: Fact. It's always great to make the playoffs, but the Dragons could have used that higher draft pick to fill in a hole for next season. The Dragons are most likely not going to win the Super Bowl, and it will be up to Jon to find that "diamond in the rough" in the latter half of the first round.

Bobby: Fiction!!!! In the infamous words of Herm Edwards, "You PLAY to WIN the game." The Dragons have an equal if not better chance than both the Boys and Brothers. If they can upset the Brothers this week forcing a "Brett Favre" Bowl against the Boys in the NFC Championship, one can only imagine the kind of meida circus I will create in the days leading up to that one. Where's Darrell Jackson anyway? Can you imagine if Brett Favre of all players ended the Boys magical season. Oh man, that would be priceless. Let's go Dragons!

Tom Brady
Can Brady pull it off?

4. Fact or Fiction, Bear Poop has enough firepower to beat the Buddies.

Kevin: Fiction. Come on, the Poop didn't even have enough fire power to beat the Llamas. In order for them to win they will need to have career days from Brady, Johnson, Moss, Brown, and just about everybody else.

Bobby: Fiction. The Poop are still a year away but because they play in an awful division, they get a shot at the Super Bowl. I like Brady and what he has done this year but Ronnie Brown has been hurt by Ricky Williams and Chris Perry is still in the shadows of Rudi Johnson. Chad Johnson is great but Santana Moss only has one TD in his last 5 games. The Buddies only weakness is TE and Kicker.

Larry Johnson
A star is born?

5. Fact or Fiction, Larry Johnson will be the star of the playoffs.

Kevin: Fact. LJ has been one of the most consistent running backs in the league for the past few weeks. He is probably the second best back in the playoffs after MVP candidate Shaun Alexander, and these two could meet in the AFC Championship game in a few weeks. The Buddies will ride LJ all the way to the Super Bowl, and a new star in the YFFL will be born.

Bobby: Fiction. He'll be the runner-up. I'm a betting man but I'm not betting against Steve Dugas this year. He's had all the right moves. Everything's going his way including that "timely" injury to Culpepper, Dallas Clark's 10-point performance against the Buddies and trading away a few mediocre players for a Top 4 Draft pick. Throw in his utter dominance of Mike over the past two seasons and it's hard for me to see the Buddies getting by the Merry Men. Dugas and Team Ludke made us all look like fools this year.