First and Eight - Week 13, 2005

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

December 04, 2005

Shaun Alexander
Shaun Alexander has a chance to wrap up a first round bye and the YFFL MVP on Monday Night

First...Merry Men vs Market Thugs

The Merry Men and Thugs meet for their annual week 13 match-up. The Thugs have played spoiler in the past and will be looking to keep the Merry Men from obtaining the AFC's #1 seed and all important first round bye in the 2005 playoffs. The Thugs won their earlier meeting this season 58-48 behind the arm of Marc Bulger who will not be available this weekend. The Thugs expect to play without a quarterback this week and will be hard pressed to keep up with the surging Merry Men. When it comes to these two teams, strange things happen and to see the winner determined during Monday Night Football between Alexander and Akers would not be a surprise.

Prediction: Merry Men 45 Thugs 32

...and 7. Humping Beans vs Memphis Brothers

Both teams enter the final week of the season with something to play for; the Brothers are trying to grab the #1 seed and the Beans are hoping to win and get some help from the Huskers and Mallards to sneak into the playoffs. These teams rank first and fourth in the league in offense, so a shootout would not be a surprise. My guess is that both teams score in the 60's. This will be Carson Palmer's last chance to sway the voters for the MVP award - he probably needs to have 22-30 points in this game have a chance. The Beans hold the edge everywhere except quarterback, if they can get 12 points from that position then I think they win it and begin the waiting game.

Prediction: Beans 65 Brothers 61

6. Dragons vs Mallards

For the Dragons, it's very simple - win and you're in, lose and you need lots of help. They would probably be the first team ever to lose six games in a row and still make the playoffs should it happen. Brett Favre has finally found his place in the locker room and has the offense clicking as they scored 60 last week. If they can keep that up then they would have to feel real good in the wide open 2005 playoffs. The Mallards come into the game needing to win by 90+ and get some help to make the playoffs, so in other words, it's not happening. The Mallards have lost 4 in a row following a winning streak of 4 that had them the talk of the league, as injuries and the poor play of the running backs have been the cause of the problems. This game could be a thriller or a blowout, you just don't know which Mallards team will show up.

Prediction: Dragons 50 Mallards 33

5. Chickens vs Huskers

Remember how great the games were when these two teams used to clash in 2002 and 2003? Epic battles that usually had both teams scoring in the 70's were the norm. Well, don't expect that this time around. The Chickens, while having a down year despite being second in the league in scoring should be able to beat up on the Huskers. Peyton Manning is the only reason this game could be close. If the Chickens win and Dragons lose then they would make the playoffs and their trio of Chargers would make them a very dangerous team. Look for the Chickens to win easily and put the pressure on the Dragons.

Prediction: Chickens 48 Huskers 27

4. White Guys vs Boys

This game could be very interesting and should be decided by fewer than 10 points. The Boys have to win to have a shot at the bye, which to make it to the Super Bowl is an absolute must. I think the White guys will break the streak of zero 40 point games against the Boys and actually pull off the upset. The Boys are coasting right now and a loss is just what they need to wake them up and get them refocused for the YFFL playoffs.

Prediction: White Guys 40 Boys 38

3. Buddies vs Eaters

The Buddies have played great of late and the Eaters had a big week in Week 12, which should make this game a lot more interesting than the records of the two teams would indicate. At the moment the Eaters are Stupor Bowl bound, but a win would change that. The Eaters have a decent lineup, they just don't win games. The Buddies are in a must win situation if they want to have a chance to avoid the Bear Poop in the first round of the playoffs. Several Eaters play on MNF...if they are within 25 going into that game Mike will be forced to sweat it out.

Prediction: Buddies 49 Eaters 47

2. Llamas vs Poop

If the Llamas lose this game they still have a shot at the Stupor Bowl, which is something Kevin has to be interested in. The Poop come into the game looking to keep the momentum going as they already know they are playing week 14. Much like the 2003 Super Bowl, Delhomme and Brady will be the big players in this game, if one puts up a bunch of points the game will be over. I like the Llamas to blow their chance at having the top pick in the draft.

Prediction: Llamas 39 Poop 29

1. Orangutangs vs Refugees

This is the one game this week that doesn't feature a team headed to the playoffs or vying for a spot in them. The Refugees currently hold one of the Stupor Bowl spots but a win could open the door for several other teams to jump up to take their place. They desperately need a top pick because they have struggled to score all season long. The 'Tangs will be looking to end the season on a positive note and do some evaluating of the talent on their roster. Plummer and the 'Tangs should be able to beat up on the Refugees and send them sailing back to Cuba.

Prediction: 'Tangs 28 Refugees 16