First and Eight - Week 12, 2005

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

November 27, 2005

Drew Brees
It will be up to Drew Brees (and the rest of the depressing NFC wild card hopefuls) as to whether the Chickens will make the playoffs

First...Chickens vs Beans

This game could go a long way towards clearing up the NFC playoff picture. Drew Brees returns to the starting lineup after a one week benching for breaking an undisclosed team rule. The Beans will need to get some production from the quarterback slot to come away with a win and be able to realistically start thinking about the playoffs.

Prediction: Beans 43 Chickens 38

...And 7. Buddies vs Thugs

The Buddies dropped a heartbreaker last week while the Thugs continued their improbable winning ways going 6-1 after a 0-4 start. The Thugs will have a good idea of what they need for points this weekend as many Buddies play on Thanksgiving. Expect a high scoring affair that is must a win for the Thugs, as a loss eliminates them from the playoffs.

Prediction: Thugs 50 Buddies 49

6. White Guys vs Dragons

The White Guys have played themselves out of the Stupor Bowl and have yet to be officially eliminated from the playoffs in the pathetic NFC wildcard picture. The Dragons are still fighting for their playoff lives and remain just a half game back despite losing 6 of 7. I think the White Guys keep it going and get out of the cellar this week.

Prediction: White Guys 28 Dragons 18

5. Boys vs Mallards

The Big Boys continue to fight for the first round bye which is something they must achieve to have any shot at the Super Bowl. We give Chris a lot of crap for this team here at but it is time we acknowledge that he has a good team - they might not be a bunch of big names but they are all having their career years at the same time. He has a chance to bring home a trophy, but then its back to the basement in 2006. The Mallards have fallen apart with the loss of Big Ben and the poor play of Jackson and McGahee, if the three of them rebound this weekend look for them to win and open the door for the Brothers to snag the #1 seed.

Prediction: Boys 37 Mallards 29

4. Poop vs Refugees

The Bear Poop can clinch the division with a win or a 'Tangs loss this weekend. They have not played well of late but they could get hot going into the playoffs and be a threat to win the AFC. The Refugees have been playing well of late, which may not be a good thing since this team relaly needs to play in the Stupor Bowl, and get a top two pick which will make them a serious threat for the division title next season.

Prediction: Poop 38 Refugees 17

3. Merry Men vs Eaters

The Merry Men enter this game coming off a huge and emotional win that has left owner Steve Dugas drained after having to stay up till 12:30 on Monday night to see the Buddies fall just short in their comeback. Dugas improves to 3-1 vs Mike this season and will likely have the mental edge should these two meet in the playoffs. The Eaters are just hoping the rest of this disappointing season goes by quickly so that Chris can begin focusing on his X-Mas shopping and the Boys playoff run. The Merry Men would like to see Brad Johnson make a contribution this week - 5 times this season the QB spot has put up a zero, something that cannot continue to happen if this team has any hopes of defending their title.

Prediction: Merry Men 38 Eaters 27

2. Orangutangs vs Llamas

The Llamas will be using the next two games for evaluation purposes and to build some momentum for next season. This team has been too inconsistent this season - they put up 58 on the Merry Men one week and lose to the Refugees the next. The 'Tangs are still alive for the playoffs and will ride Plummer's right arm in this one. Both teams have key players going on Thanksgiving and we should know the outcome of this one early.

Prediction: Orangutangs 22 Llamas 20

1. Huskers vs Brothers

The Brothers will have their hands full this week as they play Peyton Manning and the Huskers. While I don't think the Huskers will score in the 50's which is probably what it would take to win, Manning will at least force Bri to sweat it out for a couple hours. The Brothers have cruised all season and should get through this one too.

Prediction: Brothers 60 Huskers 40