Fact or Fiction: Week 9 Edition

Bobby & Kevin Sansone, Senior Argumentative Analysts

November 06, 2005

With only 5 games remaining in the YFFL regular season and the trade deadline looming in a week, sat down with the Sansone brothers to discuss some pressing issues. Bob and Kev seperate Fact from Fiction as they look at the future of the Thugs, whether Nick Wood is ready for the YFFL and if the waiver wire deadline should be moved back a couple weeks.

Edgerrin James
Will Edge be enough to carry the Thugs to a playoff berth this season?

1. Fact or Fiction, the Thugs are sellers not buyers as the trade deadline approches.

Kevin: Fact. While the AFC Wild Card race is wide open, the Thugs just don't seem to have enough on their roster to make the playoffs. Only three names stand out on this team and one of them is a tight end. Bulger, James, and Miller are not enough to lead a team to the playoffs and injuries just seem to be mounting up. Boldin may not be out for more than a week, but he seems to be injured often and is not very reliable. With all this said, the Thugs really don't have that much to offer without dismantling the entire team. Bobby could offer Tony Fisher as a nice UT option for a playoff bound owner, but trading anyone else would be bad news for the future stability of the Thugs franchise.

Bobby: Fact. It's a position no owner wants to be in. The Thugs, the AFC's highest scoring team and also it's hottest, are playing much better than their 4-4 record and average roster would indicate. However, the team is still two or three players away from fielding a team that could win a championship again and trading away one of the few talented players on the Thugs for a chance at the playoffs this year could be a bad move in the long run. Billy Volek and Ahman Green are on the trading block but expect the Thugs to be sellers otherwise.

Nick Wood
Is the YFFL ready for this man?

2. Fact or Fiction, Nick Wood's 0-7 record in Mike's Yahoo! Fantasy League is hurting his bid to land an expansion franchise.

Kevin: Fiction. Yahoo leagues are totally different from the YFFL format and you cannot judge an owner's performance from league to league. Jon Kinsman said it best in his interview with Bobby last month: "Yahoo leagues are awful. They are absolutely useless. I need an Ibuprofen."

Bobby: Fact. Several owners are keeping a close eye on both Nick Wood and Kris Bean in Mike's Yahoo! league. While a Yahoo! league clearly doesn't carry the same prestige as the YFFL or a money league, Nick is missing a golden opportunity to prove his value to the league and what kind of owner the league could be getting if he were admitted. To Nick's credit, he is more involved with another league that he is in but still no one is buzzing about Nick's 0-7 showing in Eugene Chung & Black Kickers Yahoo! League.

Daunte Culpepper
Could Daunte be leaving town?

3. Fact or Fiction, the trio of McAllister, Culpepper and Alexander will never start together for the Merry Men again.

Kevin: Fact. One of these three will be traded sometime between now and Week 1 of 2006. My money is on McAllister because Steve would be an idiot to trade the second best running back in the league in Shaun Alexander. Culpepper will be hard to deal because there is no timetable for his return. They had a good run together, but it seems like the glory days of the Merry Men may be on hold for a year.

Bobby: Fact. There are reports out of several YFFL publications that Dugas is already hoping to move Culpepper in exchange for a QB that could step in and play immeadiately. Dugas recognizes that he is one trade away from repeating as AFC champion and he is not one to pass up an opportunity like that. However, Dugas is arguably the most loyal owner to his players and it will be difficult for him to trade away the "Bart Starr" of his franchise.

Ladainian Tomlinson
End of the line for LT and the Chickens?

4. Fact or Fiction, the current Chickens dynasty will be the last dynasty in the YFFL.

Kevin: Fiction. I never realized you could be a dynasty without winning a YFFL title. The Chickens are the Colts of the YFFL. They win games, score a lot of points, but can't quite put it together in the end. A true dynasty will emerge again at some point, but the Chickens "dynasty" will not be the last.

Bobby: Fact. With the Llamas and Mallards out of the initial rebuilding phase of an expansion team, there are now 16 full-fledged teams in the league which will spawn even more parity and make dynasties extinct. The Chickens, although still without a title, have put up mesmerizing numbers the last four years; numbers that will never be approached again. But you have to believe that this is that last great opportunity the Chickens have to win that elusive championship esecially considering the uncertain future of Jamal Lewis & Kevan Barlow.

Will moving back the waiver deadline help teams avoid starting Matt Schaub?

5. Fact or Fiction, the Waiver Wire deadline should be moved back to Week 10 to correspond with the end of bye weeks.

Kevin: Fiction. I think the deadline to do add-drops should be left where it is, but IR moves should be allowed until Week 10. This would make owners more wary of putting a guy on IR in the early part of the season and picking up any jo-schmo to fill in. By extending the IR deadline to Week 10, owners can wait and see if they have a dire need for a fill-in QB or Kicker and not have to worry about haivng that empty space in their roster.

Bobby: Fact. The Waiver Wire should correspond with bye weeks simply to avoid situations when one QB gets hurt and his backup has a bye after the waiver wire. Teams are carrying three and sometimes four QBs and are still having trouble starting a QB every week. There is no logical reason to end waivers at Week 8 so this one should pass easily at this year's winter meeting.