Postcards from Camp: Burger Buddies

Bobby Sansone, Senior Writer

August 14, 2003

OYSTERVILLE, MA – Don’t let the Buddies poor 2002 season fool you as they are ready to compete in 2003. The Kurt Warner era appears to be over and Michael Vick is ready to join the YFFL’s pantheon of legendary QBs. Owner Mike Kinsman foresees an all-Mike Championship game with the Chickens clear favorites to win the NFC. Practices have been long and hard for the Buddies here on Cape Cod. Kinsman dismisses any notion of the beaches, babes and ample mini-golf courses being a distraction to the players,“The Buddies are all business this year. Last year was a joke. How could a 7-6 team reach the Championship? The AFC is an absolute joke.”

Biggest Question Facing Owner Mike Kinsman

What to do with Kurt Warner? True, Warner hasn’t reached Gary Gaetti status just yet and he might have another solid run left in him. Nevertheless, it is quite clear the Vick is the future of this team which leaves little room for Warner in the Buddies’ future. There have been reports on ESPN insider the Warner could be going to a prominent AFC West rival desperately seeking experience at the QB position. Trade rumors will likely be circulating all season for Warner and the Buddies.

Rising Star

Michael Vick. Vick should shine this year in his second season as a starter for the Falcons. His fantasy numbers should increase as well. The sky is the limit for the third year player out of VA Tech. I mean what more is there to say about Vick that ESPN hasn’t already said?

Probable Starters

Vick, Dillon, Dunn, Moss, Holt, Franks, Hollis, Chambers

Final Thoughts

There is a potential huge trade in the works for draft day. Kinsman has his eyes set on Charles Rogers while Steve Dugas has his eyes set on trading down. Moss and Rogers on the same team? It could very well happen. The Buddies should compete in the always competitive AFC West. Warrick Dunn needs to play exceptionally well and Chris Chambers must rebound from his sophomore slump. The Buddies has some holes to fill but a good draft should have them right back in contention for the AFC Championship.