Fact or Fiction: Week 6 Edition

Bobby & Kevin Sansone, Senior Argumentative Analysts

October 13, 2005

As we close in on the mid-point of the 2005 season, sat down with Bobby and Kevin Sansone to discuss some of the issues affecting the league thus far, including is Carson Palmer the MVP, can the Merry Men survive without Deuce and what will Ricky Williams bring to the AFC East.

Carson Palmer
This season's MVP?

1. Fact or Fiction, Carson Palmer is the league MVP at this point in the season.

Kevin: Fiction. My MVPs would be (in this order) Favre, Tomlinson and then Palmer. The Brother's QB is having a great year, but I don't think he is the MVP of that team. The two Steve's (Smith and Davis) have both been more valuable to the Brothers so I would give the MVP to Favre. Look at the Boys roster, there is really not much there, yet the team is 5-0. Favre knows that Eli is going to take over the team sooner rather than later and is putting up one last MVP season and will hopefully lead the Boys to a playoff berth.

Bobby: Fiction. It's Steve Smith. The WR position is the unsung hero of the YFFL. I still firmly stand behind my vote of Terrell Owens as league MVP last year and not Peyton Manning. We saw just how valuable Owens was when the Chickens lost because of his absence in the YFFL Championship. Steve Smith has been phenomenal this season and is clearly atop the WR totem pole. Favre, Tomlinson and Palmer are also in the mix too.

Chad Pennington
Can the Dragons hold on?

2. Fact or Fiction, the wild card will come out of the NFC East.

Kevin: Fiction. The wild card will still come out of the NFC West. The Chickens and Brothers are much more balanced than the Boys and Dragons. Injuries are taking their toll on the Dragons roster and they will be hard pressed to keep playing well over the next few weeks.

Bobby: Fiction. While I do believe the NFC West will beat up on each other much like the MLB NL East did this year. I also see the Dragons coming back down to earth over the next few weeks. I don't see them winning more than 7 games this season. The Chickens, Brothers and Beans on the other hand are all capable of winning 8 or more and should feast on NFC East opponents in a couple of weeks.

Peyton Manning
Was Peyton a back-fire?

3. Fact or Fiction, the Huskers are the most disappointing team in the league.

Kevin: Fact. To say that Peyton Manning and the Huskers have been a disappointment is an understatement. Even Bob Sansone (Sr.) has left the Huskers bandwagon, as he was recently seen wearing a Llamas sweatshirt. While I don't think the Huskers will be playing for Matt Leinart in the Stupor Bowl, the playoffs are almost completely out of reach. The big question is does Kevin bench Peyton for Bledsoe? The YFFL journeyman is (technically) third in QB scoring with 72 points while Manning is at a more subdued 42.

Bobby: Fact. Kevin basically traded his whole franchise for Peyton Manning, and while I think the move was right for the long term, it certainly slapped him in the face this year. The Huskers were expected to compete for the NFC West title but Manning's disappointment has ended any hope for the postseason. Priest Holmes has lost his magic touch and the WR corps is underachieving. The 27-20 loss to the Beans who only dressed 6 players was the low point for the franchise. The future rests in the hands of Alvin Pearman and Brandon Jacobs who might not be a bad backfield in a few years.

Ricky Williams
Difference-maker or trouble-maker?

4. Fact or Fiction, Ricky Williams will make a difference in the AFC East.

Kevin: Fact. The Orangutangs patience in the Williams for Owens trade has finally paid off. While Ricky will not put up stud numbers, he will be a good play at the UT position. The Tangs may have enough now to vault themselves ahead of the other AFC East teams and take the division. Despite having a lack of talent, this division is extremely competitive and every player plays a key role. If Commissioner Jon wins this division, look for Williams to take much of the credit.

Bobby: Fiction. Ricky's return will help but the 'Tangs can't win the division. The WRs continue to ruin the franchise. Coles, McCareins and Reggie Williams continue to be disappointments. Jimmy Smith's 37-year old body will eventually catch up with him as the season winds down. Dom Davis is a great RB stuck on a horrible NFL franchise. Ricky is needed more than ever but ultimately the Llamas and the Poop will pull away from the 'Tangs and Refugees. You got to wonder though where the Orangutangs would be if Jon had accepted my Coles for Kennison and Driver offer. In other news, did anyone realize that Mike Alstott is STILL on the 'Tangs roster!?!?!

Deuce McAllister
How much will Deuce's injury hurt the champs?

5. Fact or Fiction, the Merry Men can make the playoffs without Deuce McAllister.

Kevin: Fact. I am saying fact but with a bit of hesitation. The Merry Men are a very good team, but they are a far cry from the team that won it all last year. Their depth at running back will help them get through the McAllister injury, but Steve is also wary of the fact that backup Willie Parker received less carries than Jerome Bettis on Monday night. It's sad to say this but Parker looks like this year's Quentin Griffin. Alexander and Rudi Johnson are going to have to step it up, and at some point Steve is going to have to come to the realization that Antonio Bryant is his best receiver. With that said, I like the Merry Men to steal the wild card while the AFC East beats itself up.

Bobby: Fact. But only because the AFC is terrible. The Thugs and the four AFC East teams are not playoff caliber teams. The Eaters would win the AFC East if they were in that division. The Merry Men do have their work cut out for them beginning with this week's game with the Eaters. Dugas can not afford to drop 3 straight games to division opponents. If the Eaters can surpass the Merry Men and win the Wild Card, it is very likely that Brian, Mike and Chris would each send two teams to the playoffs.