Postcards From Camp: High 5'n White Guys

Bobby Sansone, Senior Writer

August 29, 2005

White Supremacists!
Fred Taylor
A big part of this season's gameplan for the White Guys will be to keep Fred Taylor's groin happy and healthy

NEW YORK, NY Anthony Aceto stares out of his 77th floor corner office window overlooking Manhattan on a humid August afternoon. In the reflection of the window, he no longer sees the same person that earned him the reputation as the "wild & rebellious" owner of the YFFL. Now his reflection is one of a serious businessman, dedicated to winning his first championship. Aceto coasted through his first 12 years as an owner in the YFFL, nearly getting kicked out of the league on several occasions, but just like the mullet that he had in the mid-90's, Aceto is "business up front, party in the back".

The White Guys' remarkable resurgence in 2004 nearly earned Aceto Owner of the Year honors. Curtis Martin and Muhsin Muhammad led the revival, both having careers years after the age of 30. The White Guys 2005 success will likely be determined again by the large cast of veterans that make up the roster.

Biggest Question Facing Owner Anthony Aceto

Can the veterans be counted on again in 2005? Besides Larry Fitzgerald and DeShaun Foster, the White Guys are made up of players who have been in the league since at least 2000. The window of opportunity to win a championship with this cast of players is quickly closing. Fred Taylor's groin is already a problem while Duce Staley has missed all of training camp with a knee injury. Keyshawn Johnson is still in the mix but has clearly lost a step. Muhsin Muhammad is now in Chicago, the equivalent of a nursing home for fantasy players. Curtis Martin may be the closest thing to a "sure thing" on the White Guys roster.

Fun Facts

Friends off the field but bitter rivals on the field, Mike Kinsman's Burger Buddies and Aceto's White Guys have identical franchise records of 72-88-5.

Probable Starters

Brooks, Martin, Taylor, Fitzgerald, Muhammad, E. Johnson, (Draft Pick), Foster

Final Observations

The White Guys have depth at RB and WR which should allow them to repeat as NFC West Champions. While they don't have an All-Pro player on their roster, a veteran corps of dependable players is more than enough in the watered-down NFC East. Don't expect them to match last year's 10-win season or see Martin or Muhammad to have career years again. If Aceto can add a back-up QB and a high-profile kicker in the draft or via trade, the White Guys could win as many as 9 games this year.

Projected Record

7-6; 1st NFC East