Fact or Fiction: Conference Championship Edition

Bobby & Kevin Sansone, Senior Argumentative Analysts

December 15, 2004

1. Fact or Fiction, an Orangutangs win this week would be a bigger upset than a Huskers win.

Bobby: Fact. Without T.J. Duckett, the Orangutangs will have a very hard time knocking off the Merry Men. Mike Alstott could make a rare start and if so, would remind us once again that this is the WORST YFFL playoff team ever. The Huskers continue to come up big when their backs are against the wall. Does this team win every big game there is? And if you thought the Week 13 matchup against the Chickens was a big game, I will quickly remind you that it wasn't. There was absolutely nothing on the line. Both teams had already locked up their playoff seedings and were playing for bragging rights. The Huskers will be about 10 point underdogs while the Orangutangs will be 17.5 point underdogs.

Kevin: Fiction. The Huskers offense is sputtering while the Chickens offense is rolling. While the Orangutnags could put up 50 or so and beat the Merry Men, the Huskers would need to either score 70 or hope that the Chickens score less than 30. The Chickens are perhaps the most dominant team in YFFL history, and it would be a surprise to see them fall.

2. Fact or Fiction, Drew Brees should be the starting quarterback for the Chickens.

Bobby: Fiction. Although I haven't been keeping up with Drew Brees much of late, I'm a believer in sticking with those who got you to where you were. With this approach, you won't be second guessing yourself. However, Mike seems to be more of "What have you done for me lately?" guy so he could start Brees with no regrets. Both teams have favorable matchups so it's a win-win situation for the Chickens.

Kevin: Fiction. Does it really matter who the Chickens start at quarterback? I'm a firm believer that you should start the guy who has scored the most points. In this case that is McNabb. With the way things are going for this team though, I wouldn't be surprised to see Philip Rivers in the game.

3. Fact or Fiction, the Merry Men selections at WR this week will decide the AFC Championship.

Bobby: Fiction. The Merry Men are already in the Super Bowl. The Tangs just don't have enough talent to match-up with the Men. How easy has Steve had it this year? Have the Men played a game of significane yet? Has anyone been injured for more than two games? Steve's biggest complaint this season has been "Vanderjagt kicks too many extra points." Steve's run this season reminds me of the Thugs run last year. Everything just went my way including a white RB named Brock Forsey. Nothing could go wrong for me. Jeff Garcia, who is about 8 months away from being umemployed in the YFFL, scored an improbable 72 points in the post-season. The only thing different with the Thugs Championship season in '03 and the Merry Men's run this year is that I only had the Beans waiting for me in the Super Bowl while Steve will likely have to go through the greatest YFFL team ever assembled in the Chickens.

Kevin: Fiction. The Merry Men receivers never help decide games. They are basically filler space around Culpepper and the running backs. The game will be decided by Daunte Culpepper, who will probably need to put up 22 points for a guaranteed Merry Men victory. Anything less than that and the 'Tangs will haev a chance to win.

4. Fact or Fiction, Drew Bledsoe should retain his starting spot for the Huskers this week.

Bobby: Fact. Both Pennington and Bledsoe have favorable matchups in potential shootouts but Bledsoe has been a little more consistant.

Kevin: Fact. I'm saying fact but the reality is I haven't decided who to start this weekend. Both guys have decent matchups, but the Bills offense is rolling while the Jets offense is not. I expect to start Bledsoe, but honestly, does it really matter who I start?

5. Fact or Fiction, the Chickens and Merry Men both got better matchups with the Oraguntangs and Huskers winning their Wild Card matchups.

Bobby: Fact. T.J. Duckett couldn't turn in another 4 TD performance even if he was healthy. Dom Davis is probably the most underrated fantasy player in the YFFL. Look at his production since Week 9. He single-handedly provided enough scoring to keep the Refugees out of the playoffs. But even Davis can't save the Tangs against the Men. The Huskers and White Guys would have both been double-digit underdogs against the Chickens but with his recent success against the Huskers, you have to believe Mike was pulling for them.

Kevin: Fact. The White Guys and Buddies were both deeper teams than the Tangs and Huskers. With a injury to T.J. Duckett for the Tangs and Derrick Mason for the Huskers, the Conference Championships could see Reggie Williams and Cedrick Wilson making starts for their respective teams. Meanwhile Moss, Vick, Holt, Martin, Keyshawn, and Staley are sitting at home watching on TV.