Wild Card Playoffs Preview

Bobby Sansone, Senior Writer

December 10, 2004

Well, my off-season began a little earlier thanks to Marc Bulger leading the Thugs to a 1-8 record following his acquisition. Good Times! On the bright side, I can sit back and waste priceless hours at work typing my Playoff Extravaganza. It's one of the many perks of unofficially owning the YFFL media rights. Here are my picks and previews of both Wild Card games...

Buddies (-9.5) Vs. Orangutangs

While we could spend countless hours in front of the bong debating the correct spelling of Jon's AFC team (Orangutangs vs. Orangutans), the debate over who will be victorious in the AFC Wild Card game wouldn't last nearly as long. The Buddies, led by Michael Vick can beat you in too many ways. They've really had a great season especially when you consider Randy Moss has been a non-factor since Week 7. I'd be a little nervous with Michael Vick at QB because it seems like he either is putting 18 points a game or just 2 points like last week. Still, I like Corey Dillon to have a monster game. I'm talking at least 2 scores and 150 yards rushing. The ‘Tangs will need a 4 touchdown performance from whomever they start at QB. Dom Davis is about the only starter who can be counted on to score a TD. Coles and Smith might breakout for a big game but it seems far-fetched as both are going up against tough defenses. Justin McCareins was supposed to fill the void of Terrell Owens departure but he has been a huge disappointment and has lost playing time to Shaun McDonald of all people. The outlook for the Buddies is brighter than Dugas' "Griswald-like" Christmas decorations.

Buddies 46 Orangutangs 31

White Guys (-3) vs. Huskers

It seems like whenever the Huskers backs are against the wall, the franchise comes up with a win and the dynasty is continued. Everyone wrote off the Huskers when Holmes and Pennington went down but Kev Sansone pulled a monster trade out of his ass in acquiring Issac Bruce. He then went right back to Santa's lap (Aceto) and got Drew Bledsoe, who will coincidentally be starting against his former boss in a playoff game. Bledsoe certainly can't be too mad at Aceto but you've got to be wondering what Aceto is thinking going into this game. Bledsoe could put up big numbers against a horrible Browns team. Sansone will need a big game from the veteran QB because the Huskers running game has disappeared faster than Dugas' 24-pack of Poland Spring water. The White Guys are led by the shaky Aaron Brooks who somehow has managed to maintain "Fantasy Starter" status throughout the years. He is perhaps the most "ho-hum" QB in the league. You never here a word about him but yet he guided the White Guys to a 10-3 record. Without looking at the statistics page on, try to take a guess at how many points he scored this season. Honestly, I wouldn't have a clue. 90? 110? 130? 150? The White Guys have to be the sympathetic choice to win it all. Everyone in the league is pulling for Curtis, Keyshan and the guy with the most underrated first-name in the YFFL, Muhsin. Duce Staley is back just in time for the playoffs and should start at UT. I think the White Guys just have a little more than Huskers at this stage of the season.

White Guys 55 Huskers 49