Fact or Fiction: Wild Card Playoffs Edition

Bobby & Kevin Sansone, Senior Argumentative Analysts

December 09, 2004

1. Fact or Fiction, the White Guys will win their first playoff game this weekend.

Kevin: Fact. I don't like betting against my own team, but the Huskers Super Bowl chances passed by them this week. The White Guys have caught the Huskers at a vulnerable point and should win easily. Mushin Muhammed and Curtis Martin are both on a roll while the Huskers have fallen asleep at the wheel. I think the Huskers train has sailed...

Bobby: Fact. I like the White Guys to edge the Huskers in a very tight game. Either team could come out on top but the Huskers really miss Holmes so I like the White Guys covering the spread (-3). On a side note, it should be interesting to see who Kevin Sansone starts at QB, given Pennington has not exactly been a fantasy stud this season and he's going against Pittsburgh. The once left for dead Drew Bledsoe could get the nod at QB. No matter who wins the game though, Mike will be left facing either his biggest on-the-fantasy-field rival (Kevin) or his biggest off-the-field rival (Anthony) in the NFC Championship.

2. Fact or Fiction, Larry Johnson will have more of an impact in these playoffs than Derrick Blaylock.

Kevin: Fact. It's no secret that the Chiefs want to trade LJ so why not showcase him to the rest of the league when your team is out of playoff contention. Blaylock should get a touchdown next week, but LJ is taking over and will be the impact guy that he should be in Priest's absence.

Bobby: Fact. Although just thinking about Chiefs RBs makes me surly, I have to believe Dick Vermiel will be giving Johnson a tryout for the rest of the season to see if he's going to be part of the Chiefs future. Man, I'm still sour about what the Chiefs pulled back in Week 7. 56 points on 8 rushing touchdowns!?!?!?! Unreal.

3. Fact or Fiction, the Orangutangs are the worst playoff team of all-time.

Kevin: Fiction. I'm going to say Fiction on this because that division is a lot tougher than it looks. The Refugees had a very respectable season this year and the 3rd place Llamas actually led the division in scoring, which is very odd. The 2001 Wild Card Huskers were pretty bad (led by Tim Couch) and were probably worse than the Tangs. I think the 2004 Oranguatngs will be remembered not for being a bad division champion, but for the botched Owens for Williams trade.

Bobby: Fact. They are at least the worst playoff team since I've been in the league. I firmly believe that if either one of my teams was in the division, I would have guided them to the playoffs. Naturally, my teams have to play YFFL All-Star teams like the Chickens and the Merry Men twice a year so I'm basically starting the season playing for the Wild Card. The 'Tangs scored a dismal 457 points, good for 4th WORST in the league. They were outscored by the Llamas and the Mallards for cryin' out loud. Will re-alignment be on the agenda for the Winter Meeting in order to even out the competiveness of the divisions?????

4. Fact or Fiction, Drew Bledsoe should get the start for the Huskers in Round 1.

Kevin: Fact. He should start and he will start. Pennington is a good QB, but it all comes down to the fact that Bledose has 1.) scored more points this season and 2.) has a better matchup this week. I like Bledsoe's matchup against the Browns better than the Jets matchup aginst the Steelers.

Bobby: Fact. This is a no-brainer. But Kevin Sansone is fresh-off an engagement, and the weeks following a marriage proposal have not been kind to YFFL Owners in the past (Jon drafted Vinny Testaverde in the first round a day after he proposed to Megan). Hopefully Kevin can clear his head in time to realize he should start Bledsoe (vs. Browns) and not Pennington (vs. Steelers).

5. Fact or Fiction, none of the 1st round teams stand a chance at making the Super Bowl.

Kevin: Fiction. I think the Buddies have a great chance to knock off the O-Tangs and the Merry Men. Steve's team is no longer coasting to victories and I wouldn't be surprised to see the an all-Mike Super Bowl to go along with the all-Brian Stupor Bowl.

Bobby: Fact. The Chickens and the Merry Men should reach the Super Bowl. Anything less would be a huge disappointment. The Buddies, White Guys and Huskers are good enough to pull of an upset but I don't see it happening. I can't wait for the war of words between Mike and Steve in both the AFC Championship and then possibly the Super Bowl. The two owners have been at each other's throats and things have gotten nasty in the YFFL forum including a recent mock poll question about "your favorite Steve moment".